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A great friendly neighborhood in northeastern
Bridgeport, Connecticut

The Pequonock River
in Beardsley Park

You'll find great neighbors, a diversity of cultures and ages.

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        ( Shhh -- Treeland is Bridgeport’s best kept secret ! )

Homes and Real Estate in Beardsley Park Treeland

Treeland is an up and coming neighborhood (See what's new). The recent economic downturn could be your best chance to find a great home in this special neighborhood at a truly affordable price.

Wide Variety of Housing Options

In Treeland you'll find everything from single and multifamily homes, rentals and condos, to apartments.

Styles vary -- there are great stately turn-of-the-century homes just surrounding the park (some single family, some homes with offices and a few multifamily or apartments). A few traditional colonials face the park. Much of the western portion of treeland is a combination of capes, large and small, ranch style and townhouse style homes. While many homes date to the 50s and earlier, there are very recent alternatives -- some built within the past year. The eastern portion of Treeland also has a variety of duplex homes in addition to the above mix.

Some residents have been here for over 50 years. Younger families are drawn to the schools and neighborhood. Empty nesters will find a comfortable , affordable neighborhood that has the convenience of great transportation and walk-to amenities.

Below are some of the Real Estate Companies and Agents specializing in the Treeland area.

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These Agents/Agencies have Treeland Homes on the Market

Real Estate Agents who specialize in the Treeland Area

Of course any Real Estate Agent can help you buy or sell in Treeland.

The Agents listed below have expressed that Treeland is an area of special interest or concentration.

Among realtors who appreciate the specialness of the area:

Mary Whatley www.GreenerAllTheTime.com
Mary specializes in Green Real Estate and everything "Green". She loves the walkable Beardsley Park-Treeland area.


e-mail: beardsleyPT@gmail.com
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