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The "Treeland Area" -- roughly the area from Beardsley Park on the west to the Stratford line to the east and down to the  Y of Huntington Turnpike, East Main Street and Noble Avenue.

The Treeland area is right off Route 8 and provides easy access to the Merritt Parkway and the I-95 Connector


It includes the Thomas Hooker Elementary School area.

If you're parking to go to a game or the park, please be considerate of driveways, lawns and gardens. Thanks!

What we bring to the table...

Beardsley Park
The Zoo
Cinema Complex
Indoor Ice Skating Complex
Remington Woods
Wide Variety of Housing Options

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For the Bridgeport Arbor Day
(April 25th) 2008, Citizen Tree Planting Campaign
you could apply for a free tree, to be planted in your yard by the Parks and Recreation Department.
I'll be looking to see if the program continues for 2009.

There are a variety of Bridgeport Youth programs -- a number of them are held in the Treeland area. Bridgeport PAL (Police Athletic League) is located a block north of the Treeland area at 7 Quarry Road, Trumbull, CT 06611





        ( Shhh -- Treeland is Bridgeport’s best kept secret ! )

A great friendly neighborhood in northeastern
Bridgeport, Connecticut with a wealth of resources.

Beardsley Park, the Zoo and other attractions are a few blocks away.

The Pequonock River in Beardsley Park

courtesy of Goggle -- click for map link

** See below for "What's New".


What's New **

Nob Hill Plaza

-- Demolition and construction in the shopping center by Food World (Huntington Turnpike & Evers Place).

Rumor has it a Dollar Store and Pharmacy will be housed in the portion north of Food World. I understand that Food World will be undergoing a face lift as well.


-- Tony's Huntington Inn has music on many summer weekends. Look for their sandwich board sign on the Corner of Evers Street and Huntington Turnpike for upcoming artists. Goggle map & review

Bridgeport Pal Christmas Village

Bridgeport PAL
7 Quarry Road
Trumbull, CT 06611

With the constraints of the economic downturn, Bridgeport PAL can use some extra assistance this year. Watch you mailbox for the flyer on how you can donate.

Christmas Village, for infants to children age 11, will open December 6th at 1 pm and run through December 23rd from 1 pm to 8 pm.

Beardsley Park
Park View from East Main Street

In 1878, James Beardsley, donated over 100 acres to the city of Bridgeport. In 1884 the city contracted noted landscape architect and Connecticut native Frederick Law Olmsted to create a design for Beardsley Park.

Olmsted, most famous for designing Central Park in New York City, (also creator of Bridgeport's Seaside Park) was fascinated with nature and believed in its restorative power. This renowned landscape designer is known as the "father of American landscape architecture". He designed many well-known urban parks, (including Central Park), parkways and campuses.

Ducks and Geese at Beardsley Park

Beardsley Park still retains much of its historic character with its winding roads and paths through woodlands. The Pequonock River runs through the now nearly 200-acre park, with the 42-acre Bunnell's Pond offering terrific fishing.

Beardsley Park (open year-round) is a great resource to the neighborhood and the entire city. Beardsley Park is home to the Beardsley Zoo. Here's a link so you can browse their programs and activities: http://www.beardsleyzoo.org/

The Park also offers sports fields and a children's playground.


One of the sports fields at the Park

From time to time the Park or Zoo host

* Live music

* A Farmer's Market

* Holiday-oriented events

A little white water on the Pequonock after a rain.

Information from from:

The Beardsley Park is located in the northeastern part of the city, bordering on the Pequonnock river and lake, and contains in all over one hundred and twenty-five acres of beautiful and appropriate territory, rich in soil and varied in its scenery. The Housatonic railroad passes on the opposite or western side of the lake, and there will eventually be a station to accommodate picnic parties and others in visiting the park, and soon the horse railroad will be extended northward to the southern end of the park, when all the city can reach it with ready and easy facility.

The land contained in this park was donated by Mr. James W. Beardsley to the city upon certain conditions of improvement within a certain number—a few only—of years, which conditions have thus far been met, and there is not the least fear of failure in completing the same. The land—every acre of it—was purchased by Mr. Beardsley at different times and was no part of the old homestead which descended to him from his uncle, James Walker. The greater part of this land now included in the park was laid out originally to Robert Walker in 1715, and held in the Walker family nearly one hundred years, when it was sold, and after some years was purchased by Mr. Beardsley, and by him cultivated as a part of his farm a number of years and then given to the city, as above stated. The homestead which descended to him through his mother, Betsey Walker, daughter of James Walker, Jr., who married Elisha H. Beardsley, father of James W., is now Mr. Beardsley's residence, kept very choicely as the home of his ancestors for three generations, or since 1739.*

" The site of the Beardsley Park, compared with the Seaside Park, is elevated, broad, of diversified surface, and naturally of a pastoral, sylvan, and idyllic aspect. Although it commands a distant view of the sea, its best and most characteristic outlook is over a great landscape in the opposite direction. Except when broken by ledges of rock, the modeling of its surface is large, simple, and graceful, and the outcropping ledges present valuable elements and opportunities for producing picturesque incidents. Fine views are to be had from the upper part of Walker's Hill, especially to the northward, eastward, and southward. At the north end of Walker's Hill there is a prominent, smooth-topped ledge, upon which people standing will have before them a rarely beautiful prospect, the finest from the park.'"

Acceptance of the Park by the City.

"office Op The City Clerk, Bridgeport, April 18, 1878. James W. Beardsley, Esq.:—

Dear Sir:—At a meeting of the Common Council of Bridgeport, held on Monday, March 95, 1878, the following Resolutions, offered by Councilman Mid- dlebrook, were adopted :

' See page $55 of


Beardsley Park is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

   Beardsley Park **
       (added 1999 - District - #98000357)   Also known as Beardsley Park; Beardsley Zoological        Gardens   1875 Noble Ave., Bridgeport
Historic Significance :  Event, Architecture/Engineering
Architect, builder, or engineer:   Northrup, Joseph W., Olmsted, Frederick Law
Architectural Style:   Queen Anne, Modern Movement
Area of Significance:   Architecture, Landscape Architecture
Period of Significance:   1875-1899, 1900-1924, 1925-1949
Owner:   Private , State
Historic Function:   Landscape, Recreation And Culture
Historic Sub-function:   Outdoor Recreation, Park
Current Function:   Landscape, Recreation And Culture
Current Sub-function:   Outdoor Recreation, Park

Beardsley Zoo

Beardsley Park is home to the Beardsley Zoo. Here's a link so you can browse their programs and activities: http://www.beardsleyzoo.org

They can always use your help -- Visit, Contribute, Volunteer!

Remington Woods


Click on the "Calendar" link for upcoming events and activities.

The Woods is NOT currently open to the public!!

Lake Success
All photos courtesy of Shirley Backus

Remington Woods is on the eastern side of the Treeland area and extends into Stratford, CT. It covers 344 acres are in Bridgeport.

remRemington Woods was formerly a munitions testing site. For a number of years there has been ongoing controversy on the best use for this large tract of land. I'm hoping for some green usage that includes at least some open space. Wouldn't it be great to have the Park City become a leading GREEN City?



remThe Friends of Remington Woods Organization advocates preservation of the area as open space or green development. Their web site gives a very good overview of the history and debate on usage. It includes outlines of the more traditional development proposals. It gives a good overall view of the issues and some great pictures




Click on the " Walking Tour" button for a map a self guided perimeter tour of the Woods


Bus Service GBTA - http://www.gbtabus.com/

Two bus lines go up and down through Treeland the Route #9 and Route # 15 lines and Route # 18 skirts the northern edge of Treeland. Click for GBTA map


Your local Bridgeport Fire House is House # 15 on Evers Street.

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