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A great friendly neighborhood in northeastern
Bridgeport, Connecticut

The Pequonock River
in Beardsley Park

The "Treeland Area" -- roughly the area from Beardsley Park on the west to the Stratford line to the east and down to the  Y of Huntington Turnpike, East Main Street and Noble Avenue.

It is bounded on one side by Beardsley Park and the Zoo and by Remington Woods on the other. It includes the Thomas Hooker Elementary School area.

You'll find great neighbors, a diversity of cultures and ages.

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        ( Shhh -- Treeland is Bridgeport’s best kept secret ! )

Questions and Answers

The "Treeland Area" is roughly the area from Beardsley Park on the west to the Stratford line to the east and down to the Y of Huntington Turnpike, East Main Street and Noble Avenue and includes the Thomas Hooker Elementary School area.

The Treeland area is right off Route 8 and provides easy access to the Merritt Parkway and the I-95 Connector.

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No this is not really the right place for questions and answers about Beardsley Park and Beardsley Zoo. However, since I get copies of "official" answers from time to time, I'll post them here.


Feedback Questions and Answers

What fun to have found your Treeland site. I am a first generation of kids from the Treeland area, not called Treeland then, heck, there were no trees in the yards. I lived on Nutmeg Rd. It was a great place to be a kid. We had the "big pond" and the rock cliffs one side and the big boulders and rock hill on the other. We played baseball in the streets, roller skated over all the many sidewalks and rode our bikes over mounds of dirt around the newly excavated home sites and across Huntington Turnpile to Beardsey Park. we played in the woods and came home when the street lights went on. The year was 1943. I was in the first class to enter the new Thomas Hooker School. The school was overcrowed by the time we got to 5th grade so we had to attend Beardsley School for  6th grade. We were not happy about that to say the least. I am happy to see that the area has maintained a healthy reputation. Many good memories were had there.
JCJ, Richmond, Va. 2009

Q: Rules for Dogs at Beardsley Park

Can you please let me know if dogs are allowed to visit Beardsley Park?
Thank you, A

A:From the Bridgeport Park Dept. Dogs are allowed on a 6 ft leash, 2011 .

Q:We will be traveling through CT.  Ran across some info on Beardsley Park and Zoo - sounds so interesting!  We're wondering if we would have any trouble navigating your streets and parking at the Zoo with a 33' motorhome.  Any info you can give us would be greatly appreciated!

JM Devils Lake, ND, 2011


Q: Wedding Pictures at Beardsley Park
Are we able to take photos at the park with a bride and groom? Do we need to call in advance?

A:CH, Shelton, CT 2011



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