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Where did they come from?

It appears some branches has strong inclinations to invention and art.





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Growing up we probably knew more about our family history than most. However, this gave rise to more questions about the Websters:

Where did the inventive and artistic abilities come from?
When did the come to England?
How did they get to California sailing or overland?
Did William travel the world to sell his sewing machines?
How often did they travel back and forth between the US and UK?
Did everyone have such large families?
Were their lives ones of drudgery or luxury?

As I was growing up in Connecticut, I would have said the Websters were from England, but originally from Scotland; the Northrops and Jennings from somewhere in England way back and to Connecticut early. (Northrops probably to Milford, Connecticut in 1637).

There's more research to do, but it may be that Websters, Northrops and Jennings' all came from the same area of England back to the 1200s!

Here's some information from cousin Paul Whiteley " I've no anecdotal info on origins - my fathers story that the Websters came from Ireland and the Whiteleys were an old Yorshire family turned out to be completely the wrong way round !.

Im pretty sure that the Websters would have been English . Origins of surnames is a difficult one but PH Reaney gives the following :-

WEBSTER from the Old English Webbestre - a female weaver. Earliest recorded examples, JohnLe Webestre 1275 Norfolk, William Le Webester 1284 Lancashire

NORTHROP from the village of Northorpe East Yorkshire: Reginald De Northorp 1219.

CALAM From the Scottish Macallan - son of Allain.

I've included some of the Scottish references just in case there's more to be learned.

William Webster 1            
Matilda Webster            

(Charles) Benjamin Webster



        Benjamin 1843-1865 Benjamin Webster Bradford 1/23/1845 died at Bridgeport 12/11/1908 (age 63) (?emig 1867) lived at 275 Maple Street, Bridgeport, CT Margaret Longhorn Calam b.Eastrington, Yorkshire.Burial 3/14/1923 Lakeview Cemetary, Bpt, CT



Webster Calam Family

Anecdotal history and artifacts

4 children - Edward Parker Webster, Mary Florence Webster, Harry Calam Webster, Ross Benjamin Webster

uncles aunts children of william and sarah Longhorn calam George, Robert (lives in England), Peter (died young)William died Bpt, Margaret, Mary (married Peter Stephenson)

Elizabeth (died)

        William Webster
1/13/1848 or 1846
- 3/21/1925
Mary Anne Holmes b. 7/17/53 died in childbirth around 1862?
William Webster family1
William's patents1
One Child Mary Ann Webster cousins aunts Joshua
        " remarried Ellen Francis Gallagher Mulholland (Mulholland was late husband's name?) Believe she was born in Boston, 1846 William Webster family1 Thirteen? children William Lester Webster, Lilly Mae Webster, Benjamin C. Webster B 2/9/1879?, d aug1963 CT stated birthdate(incorrect) 2/9/1882 MinnieWebster, Eddington Henry Webster, Mabel Ellen Webster Hattie Gallagher Webster
        Emma 1849- ? 1  
        George 1852- ? 1  
        Ann 1854-1869 died age 15-16 1  
        Samuel 1857- Ann Brogden 1854- 1  
        Henry 1858-1866 died age 8-9 1  
        Clara 1860- Geo H Hudson 1863- 1  
        Edward Isaac 1865-1922 Louisa Makin 1871-1943 1Colin Webster information Charles Benjamin Webster was born on 1st January 1899
        Eliza Ann 1967-1923
JE Whiteley 1867-1952hiteley 1Paul Whiteley's information  
William Parker 1

Eliza Ann Parker

Mary Ann Gratton