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Webster Genealogy

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This is still a work in progress...

UK Census Data from Paul Whiteley and CW

It appears some branches has strong inclinations to invention and art.





Sewing Machines

Benjamin Webster (m. Calam)

Benjamin documents

275 Maple Street, Bridgeport

Letters to William

California timeline


The collaboration

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This has been an interesting collaboration of efforts. It spans continents, decades and technologies...

Much of the US data was collected by my mother, Margaret Gwendolyn Webster Northrop and my father Alvin J. Northrop. Mom (Molly) worked on this for many years but did not have the opportunity to pull it all together. Mom and Dad even took a trip to England in about 1976 to see if they could find more information. They certainly did not have the incredible advantage of computerized databases available on the Internet. Their work relied on traveling to libraries and Historical Societies to find the source data.

Credit also needs to go to all the "pack rats" who never threw anything away. Some of the items scanned or photographed would have not survived in more orderly households.

Paul Whitely and Colin Webster have provided the bulk of the British data. Both have researched, verified and compiled a great deal of data on their own. When I came across them, they had just recently discovered each other and started sharing information. What a great find! The possess the best of the Webster characteristics (there aren't any negative ones are there?).

Beth Northrop (Me) has compiled the Molly/Alvin data, scanned/edited old photos and documents and translated all this data into the website. Connection was made to Paul and Colin Webster via a Yorkshire Geneaology Posting Board.