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Leeds, San Francisco, Southport, Connecticut
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William Webster b. ca, 1776 At the time of the christening in 1825 father William was described as a ‘’Cattle Dealer’’ but the 1829 Pigot’s Directory of professions and trades for Ripley show him to be the butcher in Killinghall village. < 1801 Ripley for C. Benjamin's birth BOWLING, Bradford Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.listed under Grocers, &c.

William Cattle Dealer 1825
Butcher Killinghall 1829
  1841 William, aged 65 & Matilda, aged 60 & sisters Sarah, aged 25 & Georgiana, aged c15. all living with Benjamin at Hall Lane Bowling ?                                  
Matilda Webster b. ca 1781 < 1801   1820 Ripley (CB birth) Knaresborough (CB Christening) 1822 (Bowling)     William, aged c65 and Matilda, aged c60 and sisters Sarah, aged c25 and Georgiana, aged c15. all living with Benjamin at Hall Lane Bowling ?                                  
(Charles) Benjamin b. 1820 Bradford -d. 9/7/1896 Leeds age 76 Benjamin was born in Ripley and christened in Knaresborough 30 June 1820 and died Leeds 1896- Ref IGI and Yorkshirebmd son of William and Matilda Webster was christened, at the same time as his younger sister, Georgiana, by the Rev. Howell W Powell on the 28th. August 1825
  born 1820 parish of Ripley, north of Harrogate, Yorkshire. 28th. August 1825 village of Killinghall, part of the Ripley           <1821>
b.Ripley, York,
Age 60
Railway Porter
Head of Household Benjamin WEBSTER
Eliza Ann Parker b. 1823- d. 1900 Leeds age 73                
Spofforth, York
Age 58

Sarah b. ca. 1816   b. ca 1816     1841 William, aged 65 & Matilda, aged 60 & sisters Sarah, aged 25 & Georgiana, aged c15. all living with Benjamin at Hall Lane Bowling   ?                                    
Georgiana b. ? ch. 8/28/1825 by the Rev. Howell W Powell Ripley younger sister of Charles Benjamin     ch 8/28/1825 Ripley   1841 William, aged 65 & Matilda, aged 60 & sisters Sarah, aged 25 & Georgiana, aged c15. all living with Benjamin at Hall Lane Bowling   ?                                    

Benjamin b. 1843 Eng - d.12/11/1908 Bpt Lakeview cemetary age 65 1/23/1845 bradford marr 7/19/1865 Leeds

              July 22 1866 St Phillips Church Adjacent Wellington St Leeds

Marriage of Benjamin Parker Webster , age 22, Engineman , of Chatham St , Father- Benjamin Webster , Railway Porter
Margaret Calam age 20 , of Chatham St , Father - William Calam , Butcher

Witnesses Joseph Mellor , Mary Calam

        1901 1117 Kousuth Street, E Bpt

Margaret Longhorn Calam - b. 7/14/1846 Eastrington Howden Eng - d. 3/11/1923 Lakeview cemetary 76y ,8m, 3 d


Earl P. Edward Edgar Parker Webster, b. 10/ 23/1867 - d. 12/13/1952 age 85 Bpt


Bertha Miller b. ? - d. 7/27/1955 age 86 Bpt


Edward Parker b. ? - d. ?


Edgar Ferdinand b. 1/21/1893 - d. 6/1980 Monroe, CT age 87 , Mrs. E. F. 64 Montgomery Street Bridal Shower March 19, 1920 for Lillian M. Webster, her sister-in-law


Parker E. b 1916? - d. 8/9/1942 age 26 family lived in Fairfield, CT at that time.


Carol b. ? believe she married Arthur?"bud" Hubbard award winning watercolor painter


Lillian Margaret b. ? - d. ? married Willard


Mary Florence Webster b. 11/4/1869 CT - d. 11/5/1951 Bpt., CT age 82 (married cousin see Benjamin C. for two children)


Harry Calam Cleland Webster b Feb 1861. 1/22/1871 CT m Mamie Lydia Lehman b. 1875 d. 1957. Mame (Laubshier/Leaman) .kids Ethel Elizabeth "Ethel" /Margaret Elizabeth "Nan" another date for birth 10/14/1877 d.2/17 1961 pic

                  Maple St, Bpt age 9                              

Mamie Lydia Lehman b. 1875 - d. 1/7/1957 age 81


Ethel Elizabeth Webster b. 1897 d. 1986


Nan (nee Anna Margaret) Webster b. 3/31/1899 Bridgeport, CT d. 1982
m. Jesse Franklin Kittredge Dec 1924 (info S. Alls)


Nancy Jane Kittredge m.?


dau (source of info.)


Dau Kittredge


Son Kittredge


Ross Benjamin Webster b. 11/28/1878 CT m. Carrie Ballard (son who died early fm census?)


Caroline "Carrie" Ballard b. ? - d. ?


Aubren Webster b 1879 ? CT from census, but no other mention of Aubren


William Webster b.1/13/1848 or 1846 or 1847 in Bowling Bradford, Yorks Eng.- d. 3/21/1925 (death certificate) Berkeley, CA.Married in 1866 Shelton, CT and/or married 6/22/1871 Still in Eng 1861 age 14 /not in Eng in 1871 patent 2/28/1874 San Francisco may be the correct Wm Webster./ In 1881 Eng unmarried? 7/27/1886 patent residing at Armley, Leeds 1885-6 in GB, Germany and India 4/30/1889 improvements residing at Armley, Leeds patent 1893 Leeds, 1900 (Lucy Holmes addresses) Wm Webster Blackburn Avenue, Bridlington Quay, England. 11/5/1912 patent Berkeley CA, 6/26/1854 letter re labours in new country thread trade is "very good in London and America, but the yarn trade could not be worse" fm Benj Laughton mentions of problems getting coarse material due to Russian battles with Turks. Also letter from father??or could be a Holmes letter. March 28, 1903 Ellis Island record William, Mrs.,Hattie, Minnie Mabel all listed as citizens sailed fromLiverpool

          age 4 with parents at 73 Wakefield Rd Bradford   Age 14 Machine Maker living w parents
at 2 Mount
1865 William travels to USA SF date?   SF, CAage 32
living with parents at 25 Danube Grove Leeds sets up Webster & Co at Park /Germania Works taking out patents Armley William , Ellen and children living at 9 Laurel Grove Armley Leeds
First Name: Wm.
Last Name: Webster
Ethnicity: Eng.
Last Place of Residence:
Date of Arrival: Jun 16, 1894
Age at Arrival: 45y 10m Gender: M Marital Status:
Ship of Travel: New York
Port of Departure: Southampton
Manifest Line Number: 0182

1900 Bridlington Quay address William Webster 11-26-1904
Baltic departure Liverpool age 57
then 330 Third Avenue, Richmond, SF, CA 1907 3102 Grove Street Berkeley, CA

Berkeley, CA 1912 Alameda Villa, then Armley ? 1836 Prince Street, Berkeley, CA                  

Webster Sewing Machines

                  Park Works Wellington Street, Leeds   Germania Works, Armley, NR. Leeds Latest Improved Patent Overhead Hand-stitch sewing machines (see receipt for date)                    

Mary Ann(e) Holmes b. 1/17/1853 - d. 12/25/1872 location? married 1866 Shelton, CT ? fm Lucy Married Wm June 22, 1871

              died soon

Mary Ann Webster b 12/11/1872 Location? is MA Holmes census b. 1873 actually MA Webster? OR b. 1867??


Ellen Francis Mulholland Gallagher (Mulholland or Gallagher late husband?) b. 1846- or 1848(census date) Boston, MA Met in Boston? had child Harriet by previous husband? Parents both from Ireland married in SF b 10/9/1845 Boston MA d. 3/12/13 Berkeley 1826 Prince Street. age 67, buried St Mary's Cemetary says father Mr. Holland (Ireland) not Mulholland ? Mother's maiden name not known (Ireland) from death cert.

                SF, CA age 32 Keeps House 1885 Marian
b. Leeds

(Joshua Holmes brother-in-law)

                SF,CA age 28                          

William Lester Webster b. 1876 born SF

                  SF, CA age 4 Ellen , Hattie ,William L, Benjamin C travel to UK William Lester Webster marries Annie Mary Lambert in Armley William L , Annie and Benjamin C living at 21 Wesley Rd Armley 378 Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, IL



Wilma Webster married to Beverly Brace last known address 1161 Trinity Drive Menlo Park, CA


Eunice Webster


Lilly Mae Webster maybe Sheffield b. about 1877 married to John Thomas Brammer 1922 Paul b. 1874


Benjamin C. Webster b. 2/9/1878 SF d 8/2/63 age 85. Oaklawn Cemetary, Fairfield, CT When young called Bennie. Development Engineer Mechanical & Electrical

                  SF, CA age1 Ellen , Hattie ,William L, Benjamin C travel to UK   1901 or after Bennie 157 East Pittsburgh, Penn later Wilkinsburgh,

Benjamin Chester Webster, Jr. b. 1905 Jr. married Ruth about 1942? SHibbard d.5/29/1979

                        b. 1905                    

David Webster b.11/14/43 died in auto acccident 10/3/1964


William Webster b. 8/28/46 died in auto accident 10/3/1964


Robert Webster b. 4/x/1949? "Rob" married Connie (Constance) lives in Columbia MD he is a landscape architect.


Scott Webster b. 12/79


Margaret Gwendolyn Webster b. 1/7/12 Berkeley, CA d. 3/?/1990 m. 5/8/1948 Alvin Jennnings Northrop

                          b. 1912 Berkeley, CA 1701 Woolsey Street occupation tool maker grampy 33 nana 42 birth cert.                  

Alvin Jennnings Northrop b.10/19/1906 - d. 9/22/1980 CT HVAC engineer


Thomas Webster Northrop b 12/x/1948 married Margaret Joseph 1/1/1972

                                b. Bpt, CT              

Margaret Joseph b. divorced remarried Nadine Levavasseur

                                b. France              

Justin Bradley Northrop b. 12/x/79?


Heather Kristin Northrop b. 4/x/83?


Elizabeth Jennings Northrop "Beth" b. 5/x/52

                                  b. Bpt, CT            

Charles John Miller b. 8/2/1950 d. 7/1/1998


Marian (Minnie) Webster b. 2/24/1885 Leeds d. 9/14/1945 Millbrae, CA Paul b. 1883

                  Minnie F born Armley Leeds UK                            

Husband(s) of Minnie


Mary Cecilia Webster (Cecile) Black(sister of Ellen O'Leary) b. 6/30/1910 Portland OR m.Martin Green d. 3/2/1985 Sunnyvale, CA "Cecilia"



Martin Francis Green married to "Cecilia" b 11/17/1908 SF d. 10/1/1975 Sunnyvale, CA


Nancy Ellen Black Green b 9/x/1939 SF married L'Heureux


Paul L"Heureux


Michelle Celine L'Heureux b ca 1961 d. 1-17-88 age 27

                                        Sensitive artistic high strung          











Ellen Webster O'Leary Minnie's daughter husband? high position in girl scouts visited in southport when I was small


Edington Henry Webster born Armley 1884 registered Leeds UK (Paul)b. maybe died Nov 19th ?? (Lucy)"Eddie"

                  Edington H born Armley 1884 registered Leeds UK (Paul)
  First Name: Easington Henry
Last Name: Webster
Ethnicity: British, English
Last Place of Residence: Armley Wheeds
Date of Arrival: Jun 29, 1905
Age at Arrival: 20y Gender: M Marital Status: S
Ship of Travel: Oceanic
Port of Departure: Liverpool
Manifest Line Number: 0023
to Bridgeport

Mabel Ellen Webster b. ? d. June 16 married William Zazzi CA

                    Mabel E born Armley L:eeds UK

Phyllis Webster Zazzi Townsend last known address 75th 5th Ave, San Mateo, CA 94402 intheir 80s in 1989


Olga Webster Zazzi intheir 80s in 1989 CA


Hattie Gallagher Webster Died April 25th she may be the Gallagher by previous marriage perhaps was at prince st when father William Died in 1925. listed as Hattie Gallagher (no Webster) d. 10/9/29 Prince St Berkeley 1903 Hattie on passage with Wm, Mrs, etc. another Ellis Island November 6, 1910 from liverpool age 43, says to 100 State Street Chicago but there is another entry on manifest for Elsworth Avenue, Berkeley, CA also February 27, 1922 Hattie M. Webster age 54 departed San Juan Puerto Rico says born kendalville iowa March 12, 1867? to 4520 Ellis Avenue, Chicago, IL

Ellen , Hattie ,William L, Benjamin C travel to UK

? of 13


? of 13


? of 13


? of 13


? of 13


Emma b. 1849 - d. ? last UK census shown 1881


Mary b. 1871 - d. ? last UK census shown 1881


Emma b. 1878 - d. ? last UK census shown 1881


George b. 1852- d. 1881 last UK census shown To US to Philadelphia (? may have died there)


Ann b. 1854 - d. 1869 Died early

            died early                                

Samuel 1857- ? married Ann Brogden 1876 Samuel T Webster patent St Louis Sept 1921? Moved to Bridgeport (? may have died there) born Lincolnshire


Ann Brogden b. 1854


Fred b. 1870


Henry b. 1877


Eliza Ann b. 1879


Henry b. 1858 - d. 1866 Died early born Lincolnshire

            died early                                

Clara b. 1861(cert-Paul) - last UK census shown 1901

                  Clara married Geo Hudson 1886                          

George H. Hudson b. 1863 - d.?


Henry b 1887 last UK census shown 1901 d.?


John b.1888 last UK census shown 1901 d.?


Kate b.1891 last UK census shown 1891 (? died early)


George b.1893 last UK census shown 1901 d.?


Lily b. 1900 last UK census shown 1901 d.?


Edward Isaac b. 1865 - d. 1922

                    Edward Isaac married Louisa MAKIN 1894                        

Louisa Makin b. 1871 - d. 1943


Florence b. 1894 d. ?


Edward I b.1896 d. ? m. 1915


Charles Benjamin b. 1899 d. 1976 m. 1922 (Colin grandson)


Violet b. 1900 - d. ?


Edmund b. 1902 d. 1942


Clifford b. 1904 - d. ?


Roseanna b 1866 last census shown 1891 age 24


Eliza Ann b.1867- d. 1923 m. 1888 (sometimes listed as Ann)


J. E. Whiteley b. 1867- d. 1952


Samuel b. 1889 - d. 1937 m. 1919


Edward b. 1892 - d. 1968 m. 1914


Lilly b. 1898 - d. 1970 m. 1929

William Parker b. 1801 m. - d. ? m. 1822
< 1801         last
census shown
Mary A. Gratton b. 1801 - d ?
< 1801         last
census shown

** specific dates for living persons have been removed for security

* many of the dates and addresses are from notebooks of Mrs. William (Lucy Walker) Holmes Huntington/Shelton CT. Grampy (BC Webster Jr) was very close to his half sister's (Holmes/Walker) family.
Jan 13th Papa Died

Oct 9th Mama Died