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link Peter JENNINGS (Joshua JENNINGS5, Joshua JENNINGS4, Joshua JENNINGS3, Joshua JENNINGS2, John JENNINGS1) was born 9 SEP 1764 Westport, CT, and died 5 MAY 1841 Westport, CT. He married Sarah WAKEMAN link 1 JUL 1792 in Westport,Fairfield Co.,Connecticut, daughter of Jessup WAKEMAN and Amelia BANKS. She was born 4 FEB 1773 Westport, Fairfield Co.,Connecticut, was christened 14 FEB 1773 Westport,Fairfield Co.,Connecticut, and died 13 JUL 1857 Westport,Fairfield Co.,Connecticut.

Children of Peter JENNINGS and Sarah WAKEMAN are:

  2   i. Wakeman JENNINGS was christened 2 APR 1793 in Westport, Fairfield Co.,Connecticut, died 28 OCT 1867 in Westport, Fairfield Co.,Connecticut. >Lewis Burr Jennings> Estella Keeler Jennings
  3   ii. Abigail JENNINGS was christened 15 NOV 1795 in Westport,Fairfield Co.,Connecticut.
  4   iii. Peter Burr JENNINGS was christened 21 MAY 1797 in Westport,Fairfield Co.,Connecticut, died 12 NOV 1867 in Westport,Fairfield Co.,Connecticut.
  5   iv. Edward JENNINGS was born 3 APR 1802 in Westport,Fairfield Co.,Connecticut, was christened 4 JUL 1802 in Westport,Fairfield Co.,Connecticut, and died 26 SEP 1858 in Westport,Fairfield Co.,Connecticut.
  6   v. Sarah Wakeman JENNINGS was born 6 AUG 1812 in Westport,Fairfield Co.,Connecticut, and died 16 MAY 1832 in Westport,Fairfield Co.,Connecticut.

Penfield Family

Peter Jennings
(1764 - 1841)
James Penfield
(1761 - 1842)
Sarah Wakeman
(1773 - 1857)
Mary Tucker
(1766 - 1854)

m. 25 Dec 1815
Wakeman Jennings Mary Penfield114
b. ca 1793
d. 28 Oct 1867, age: 74
b. 11 Sep 1792, Fairfield, CT
d. 11 Feb 1872, age: 79
Andrew Jennings
Lewis Jennings

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Mary Penfield sugar bowl

This was written by Alvin J. Northrop
Joshua Jennings, The First came to Greens Farms around 1645, from England, by way of Hartford Connecticut. 
Various members of the Jennings families farmed the land from Dennies Point to Frost Point (Westport, CT) from 1645 to about 1910.  The original settlers of Greens Farms were called the Bankside Farmers and farmed the land from Burial Hill to Frost Point.

Joshua Jennings, the second, was your great, great, great, great, great, great great grandfather.  He was, in 1711, one of the seven founders of the Greens Farms Congregational Church.  They left First Church Congregational in Fairfield so that they could have a church closer to their home lands.  (I believe one or both Joshuas are buried in the Colonial cemetary in Greens farms off exit 18.  ejn)

A.( Sasco Creek Road and Beachside closest to water}  This is where your Great Great Grandfather Wakeman Jennings lived.  He was married to Mary Penfield of Fairfield.  The Penfield family ran the Sun Tavern (Just west of Town Hall, Fairfield).  The Penfield family also ran the Penfield Grist Mill (on Ash Creek) which supplied the Continental Army with flour. Penfield Reef and Penfield Road are named after the Penfield Family.

F.(Beachside Road closer to Dennies point than Frost Point)This is where Wilbur Jennings lived.  He was the son of Andrew Wakeman Jennings.  This site later became the home of Eugene Henkels.

G. (Greens Farms Road)This was the home of Alphonso Jennings.  His children were Florence and Bertram Jennings.  When Alvin, Margaret and Mary were quite young, they used to plant corn for Cousin Florence and ride with her on her milk route in a Model T.

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