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This growing strain became more and more evident in town politics as the 18th century progressed. While wealthy elites continued to dominate local affairs, local politics became increasingly more contentious and combative. Office holders were turned out of office by irate factions with increasing regularity. The courts were jammed with suits for collection of debts, often very small in size. “Peaceable kingdoms” in the 17th century, Connecticut towns found themselves increasingly riven by controversies over property and money as the 18th century wore on.

The values of individual towns were changing as well. Land speculation and the desire for individual economic advancement, rather than the practice of religious ideals or the protection of group values, increasingly inspired the settlement of new towns in the northwest and northeast corners of the state. In old towns like Wethersfield and Simsbury, the same growing spirit of economic individualism steadily undermined the cooperative, community-centered ideal of the Puritans. Connecticut’s people, as one historian put it, were inexorably changing from “Puritans” to “Yankees.”

Bolstered by these factors, Puritanism in Connecticut retained its vigor much longer than in other areas of New England. Nevertheless, by the early 1700s the Puritan experiment was clearly unraveling. Expansion into the eastern and western highlands created considerable political tension in the colony as the General Assembly became increasingly involved in settling rancorous issues of land distribution and in contending with the new settlers’ demands for easy credit and an inflated currency.

Transportation communication 1730-1800

In 1799 nother Isaac Northrup was among the directors of the company that built the 3rd (and rather successful) turnpike in the State of New York

The Old Post Road or Boston Post Road along the Long Island sound shore provided mail/messenger news services from well before the Revolution.
Newtown was somewhat of a crossroads and likely had fairly good communication with surrounding towns from at least the 1740s or 50s.
There were a number of newspapers from early to mid 18th century (boston, New england & hartford)

But as late as 1785 there was no mail route across the mountains from Columbia County to New England. In April of that year a post was established to ride weekly from Hudson, NY to Litchfield where they would exchange papers with the posts from Boston Hartford and New Haven.
Nor were there turnpike roads into Columbia County.
History of Columbia County, New York
By Captain Franklin Ellis
Published by Everts & Ensign
Philadelphia, PA

Isaac, along with his brothers and sisters, was born in Newtown before his father moved to New Milford, CT.

Isaac moved from Newtown to Brookfield and probably then to the Chatham NY area.

There is no proof that Isaac4 was Amos' father, but the years and locations seem to fit better than any other documented possibilities.

Again was he moving TO something or away from something? Was he moving due to British threats? To other family members to economic possibilities?

1801 Methodism continued to grow in upstate New Yor, Vermont and Western Massachusetts in such places as ... Chatham, NY...

1902 Windham County Waldo and Elmer H.and Charles H Northrop were part of constitutional convention D. W. Northrop of Middlesex County

BENNET (see Bennett), Sally and job Northrup, Oct. 19, 1797. [Northrop, C.R.] Lee Mass marriage

BURNHAM, Calvin of Hartland, and Clarissa Northrop, May 16, 1803. C.R. Lee Mass marriage

NORTHROP (see Northrup), Clarissa of Lenox, and Calvin Burnham, May 16, 1803. C.R.
Electa and Ebenezer Hawes, Oct. 30, 1794. C.R.
John M. and Caroline Garfield, Dec. 12, 1832. C.R.
Lyman of Cheshire, and Susan Leonard, May 19, 1818.

NORTHRUP (see Northrop), Abel C. and Mary A. Johnson, int. Oct. 2, 1835.
Job of Lenox, and Sally Bennet, Oct. 19, 1797. [Northrop, C.R.]
Susan C. and Hudson W. Ball, ______, 1835 [int. Mar. 29].
all Lee, Mass

1850 census 2 405 415 Northrop Amos 62 M W Farmer 7,000 Connecticutt born 1788 not my amos1850 Federal Census Tompkins County, New York (Town of Caroline: File 3 of 3)

Gazetteer of the State of New York: Embracing a Comprehensive View of the ... By Frank Place

first marriage Anna Northrop and Elihu curtin Hillsborough, Camden Oswego, NY first settlement late 1700s

in Amenia Island Cemetary a Northrop Rose b. 1809 perhaps Mother could have been a child of Isaac?

Pine Plains cemetary children of Elijah & Joann Northrop Elijah a son of Isaac??

daughterDorothy moved to Rome PA at an early age Amos W. and Hazel Horton Norhtrop b Johnson City NY

Amenia, Ny Capt. Eliakim Reed settled there 1773 in will mentions daughter "Mrs. Northrop" and "Mrs. Rose"









This home on Pequot Avenue, Southport, Connecticut is a recently restored example of the Northrop Brothers fine carpentry and building in the Southport-Greeens Farms area.


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