ADA073 A Branch of Connecticut Northrops 1619 to Present
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Family Tree
Before the founder England
 Joseph Northrup            
1619(1639)-1669 Milford
 Joseph Northrup             narrrow
1649 Milford ~ ???1700
 James Northrop              
1693 Milford ~ 1747
 James Northrop
1719 Ridgefield ~ 1784
 Amos Northrop              
1778? Milford 1855 Warren
 Alvin Northrop                
1803 Ridgefield, Kent, Milford, Salem ~1875 or 86
 George Elmore  Northrop
1844 Cornwall~1906 Southport
 George Ives  Northrop     
1871 Southport ~ 1923 Southport
 Alvin Jennings  Northrop  
1905 Southport/Norwalk ~ 1980 Fairfield





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At certain times and locations, the name Northrop was more common in Connecticut than Smith or Jones. The name is sometimes Northrup or Northop, but regardless of the spelling, the majority of Northrops in Connecticut (and probably those throughout the US and Canada) are descended from Joseph Northrup of Milford Connecticut.

Thanks, Joseph!

After remaining in Milford colony for a generation or two, the Northrops spread out -- most to Newtown, Connecticut and surrounding towns, some to Dutchess County, New York; some to Ridgefield/Danbury, Connecticut area. After some time, many sought their fortunes moving west and across the country.

While some facts can be documented, the reasons for their moves are speculation.

Father in England

  • NORTHRUP, Joseph, of YKS b: ~1603 _, DBY, ENG
  • d: 1690 England
  • Age ~ 87

Joseph1 Northrup Founder

  • to America July 26, 1637 from Wilkersfeld, Yorkshire, or Bradford, West Riding, Yorkshire, England
  • landed at Boston, July 26, 1637
  • sailed down the coast from Boston, in search of a good harbor which they found in New Haven. They remained at New Haven about a year.
  • In 1689, members from both companies formed the settlement
    of Milford, Conn.
    (Others went to Guilford or stayed in New Haven)
  • Profession There is no documentation of a specific trade for Joseph. Undoubtedly he was a farmer. The early settlers did a little bit of everything to maintain their families. Certain tasks for the colony were shared -- building fences, standing guard, constructing common buildings.
  • WHY seeking refuge in a country where they might have freedom of conscience and worship. but perhaps he also expected greater bounty in Connecticut.
  • Joseph died 1669 in Milford
  • Age ~ 50


  • apparently first born July 17, 1649
  • d 1700 in Milford
  • age ~ 51
  • profession ?
  • Appears to have remained in Milford throughout his life


  • born 1693 in Miford
  • Died after 1747 in Milford
  • Age ~ 54
  • Profession?
  • Appears to have remained in Milford throughout his life


  • born 1719 in Ridgefield
  • died-distribution of estate 1784
  • Age ~ 65
  • profession
  • in ridgefield to at least 1759 (childrens births recorded)


  • born Milford 1778?
  • Died 1855 Warren?
  • Age ~
  • Profession Shoemaker?

Alvin6 Northrop

  • born ~ 1803
  • died Westport, CT 1875 or 86
  • Age ~ 72 or 83
  • Profession Shoemaker/farmer

George Elmore Northrop

  • born 1844
  • Died Southport, CT 1906
  • Age ~ 62
  • profession Carpenter/Builder/Merchant

George Ives Northrop

  • born Southport, CT 1871
  • Died Southport, CT 1923
  • Age ~ 52
  • profession

Alvin Jennings Northrop

  • born Southport, CT 1905
  • Died Fairfield, CT 1980
  • Age ~ 75
  • Profession Engineer

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  Did you know -
There are 3,967 people in the U.S. with the last name Northrop.

Statistically the 8512th most popular last name.

There are 4,272 people in the U.S. with the last name Northrup.

Statistically the 8013th most popular last name.
from http://www.howmanyofme.com/search/

There are fewer than 1,526 people in the U.S. with the first name Northrop. The estimate for this name is not absolute.

There are fewer than 1,526 people in the U.S. with the first name Northrup. The estimate for this name is not absolute.

Other sources to check not online

Founders of Early American Families

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This home on Pequot Avenue, Southport, Connecticut is a recently restored example of the Northrop Brothers fine carpentry and building in the Southport-Greeens Farms area.

Image Courtesy of David Parker Associates