James3 ~ 1693 ~ ?after 1647 Milford, Connecticut ~ Northrop Genealogy

Amos 1778-1855
would have to be one of the "Prob. others"
Alvin 1803-1875 or 86~age 72 or 83
George Elmore 1844-1906 ~ age 62
George Ives 1871-1923 ~age 52
Alvin Jennings 1905-1980 ~75


2 JOSEPH3 NORTHRUP (Joseph2), b. July 17, 1649 bapt. Aug. 9, 1649, Milford. Freeman, May 12, 1670; m?? Miriam Blakeman.
She was b. Feb. 8, 1670; dau. of James Blakeman and his wife Miriam, who was dau. of Moses Wheeler b. in 657, and d. about 1689. James Blakeman was s. of the Rev. Aaron Blakeman, who was b. in Stratfordshire, England, in 1598; bred at Christ College, Oxford; matriculated May 28, 1617; came to America in 1638, and to Stratford Conn., in 1639, and d. Sept., 1665, aged 67. His widow, Jane d. 1674, aged 74 (said to be sister of Moses Wheeler). Moses Wheeler, father of Miriam, wife of James Blakeman, probably came with Eaton to New Haven in 1638. His wife was Miriam sister of Joseph Hawley.) Joseph Northrup d. June 1, 1700 buried at Milford. His widow, Miriam, gave an administrator's bond, in the penalty of 300, dated Nov. 13, 1700, "an??noque Gulielmi Fortii nunc Angl?? &c Duo Decimo"; accoun?? to be rendered at or before Nov. 1, 1716 (when, as it appears Miriam, the youngest child, would be 18 years old). She signs her name "miriam northroop." (I have seen the original document.--A. J. N.) Miriam m., 2d, John Smith, and by hi?? had Johanna (named after her aunt, Johanna Wheeler), Josiah and Abigail. Joseph's children, b. at Milford:

8 i Joseph??, bapt. Oct. 29, 1689.
9 ii James, bapt. Jan. 15, 1693.
10 iii Moses, bapt. March 31, 1695.
iv Miriam, bapt. May 15, 1698; m. James Baldwin, ?? of Daniel, and removed to Newtown.

Removed to Ridgefield, Conn. He and his brothers, James and Moses, united with others in the purchase of lands from the Indians in Ridgefield, March 18, 1715, Nov. 22, 1721, and July 4, 1727--the 2d, 3d, and 4th purchases from the Indians

9 JAMES3 NORTHRUP (Joseph2, Joseph1), bapt. Jan. 15, 1693, Milford.

Bought lands in Ridgefield with brothers Joseph and Moses, 1715, 1721, and 1727, and settled there. Also bought lands of Joseph Benedict for 60, March 29, 1714. M., 1st, Hannah Hine, of Milford, who died about 1737. Children by 1st wife recorded at Ridgefield:
38 i James4, b. Nov. 9, 1719.
39 ii Nathan, b. May 30, 1721.
iii Hannah, b. Nov. 16, 1623; d. before 1731.
iv Stephen, b. Dec. 13, 1725; m. Feb. 22, 1746, Abigail Perry, who d. Aug. 22, 1754. He d. June 22, 1757.
40 v Thomas, b. Dec. 5, 1727.
41 vi Hannah, b. Aug. 20, 1729.
vii Anna, b. (???); m. Dec. 24, 1754, Jonah Smith, Jr.

James married, 2d, wid. Lydia Mills, and by her had:

viii Ambrose, b. Apr. 30, 1740; d. Oct. 7, 1745.
ix John, b. Nov. 28, 1743; d. March 20, 1761.
x Benjamin, b. Oct. 26, 1747.

Brother moses is

. Described in deed of Sept., 1714, as "of  Milford," and in deed of May 11, 1716, as "of Ridgefield." Lived in Ridgefield until some time between Nov. 24, 1733, and Aug. 2, 1734, when he removed to Duchess County, N. Y. Described himself in deed dated March 10, 1735, as "lately of Ridgefield . . . now living at Worstershire, in the Province of New York." Again, in 1740, "of Worcester, N. Y." Again, Feb. 7,  1744-5, "of Worstershire, Duchess Co., N. Y." In "N. Y. Calendar of Land Papers, 1643-1803," his name is indexed to Vol. XIII, pp. 139-140, where are found two original Petitions, dated Apr. 29, 1743, of "Moses Northrup and  Abigail his wife," and "Moses Northrup. Jr.," for license to purchase vacant lands in the County of Duchess, "where their dwelling stands," etc., 10,000  acres. Petitions denied. (These papers are in the office of the Secretary of State, at Albany.) His original will, dated Aug. 2, 1746, proved in New York, July 1, 1747, is on file in the office of the Clerk of the Court of Appeals, Albany, N. Y. He calls himself "of Beekman's Ferry in Dutchess  County in the province of New York, Yoeman."He m., about 1721, Abigail Cornwall (or Cornell), who survived him. She quit-claims her dower, etc., by deed, Jan. 22, 1759. He d. in 1746 or 1747. Children born, some in Ridgefield, some in Dutchess Co., N. Y. Order of birth not known.

Ridgefield was established in 1709, encompassing Branchville, Titicus, & Ridgebury.

Ridgefield was first settled by English colonists from Norwalk and Milford in 1708 when a group of settlers purchased land from Chief Catoonah of the Ramapoo tribe. The town was incorporated under Royal Charter in 1709.


Masonic Hall, which had previously been used for a
store, and fitted it up for town meetings. This continued
to be used until the erection of the present
town-house, which was in 1876.
There is a striking contrast between the first and the
last town-houses, as will be seen by reference to the following
vote of the town passed December, 1743 — the
first cost £79 173., the last about $6000 : "
The House, voted to be built for y" use of ye Town, is to be constructed
in the manner following — viz — to be one Story high, 26 feet
long, 1 8 feet wide, and a chimney at one end, quite across y° house —
to be covered with good cedar shingles — 3 feet long, if laid upon sawed
lath — and if ye shingles be 18 inches or 2 feet — if laid on sawed boards —
to be well closed with clapboards and door — two good floors, — to be
well ceield with white wood boards — with three Windows — one of the
said windows to be on ya back side of y° house — 20 in wide, and two
feet long, — ye other two windows, each to have 3 feet and one half of
glass, — and the casement to run into y" wall, — a good hearth — a well
fastened bench raised within side of ye house — a good lock and key to
y" door, — to be well underpined — ye jambs and y" top of ye chimney to
be well painted — "
The above said house, Gamaliel Northrop hath made an offer to
build y" same, according to ye description above mentioned — for T)f,
173 old tenure, and to be finished by ye first day of December next —
To being paid 50^ by y" first of April next, and y" said Gamaliel
Northrop do promise. — In witness my hand, this 29 day of December
In presence of





This home on Pequot Avenue, Southport, Connecticut is a recently restored example of the Northrop Brothers fine carpentry and building in the Southport-Greeens Farms area.


Image Courtesy of David Parker Associates, Thanks to Westport Historical Society Barbara Raymond