Northrop Genealogy ~~~ Southport, Connecticut


This appears to be the location of Alvin Northrop at 1867, the date of the map.


The location is in "East Long Lots" just on the border of Westport and Southport.  I believe this is just Northeast of the Hunt Club. There is currently a home at 15 Buckley Avenue which could be the home or the site of the home.  By the 1879 map, the home shown on the map was owned by DB Bradley.


1830 Kent censusAlvin before birth of William

1835 Alvin Kent birth / the last date in purse

alvin 1840 Warren CT Census Marsh Able Osborne Peck are neighbors Shows 1 male child -- William

Where in 1850 listed as farmer for 1850 says born NY

westport for Louisas birth or maybe still cornwall where george was born?

1850 charles nortrop wesrport age 18 farmer working for andrew godfrey

1850 westport betty couch age 60 head og household all born ct
eunice n jennings age 40
frances northrop age 11
burr archer age 11

p 100

George Taylor Blacksmith

Nelsom Jennings Saddle Tree Maker

Alvin Northrop Farmer 266 408

William Hemson b NY age 35 carpenter all others born CT


married to Abby perhaps daughter of Abigail Alvord age 71


Joseph Wells Shoemaker

Ebenezer Mills

George Crossman

Burr Jennings

Bradley Goodsell

John M. Jennings

Peter B. Jennings

alvin 1860 census for birthplace

warren 1850 acensus w gary

around 1850 se corner

Alvin 1870 census

This home on Pequot Avenue, Southport, Connecticut is a recently restored example of the Northrop Brothers fine carpentry and building in the Southport-Greeens Farms area.


Image Courtesy of David Parker Associates