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Jennings are everywhere in Fairfield and Southport, Connecticut. Growing up we probably knew more about our family history than most, but there's still more to know about our branch of the Jennings family.

Jennings/Northrop Genealogy

This was written by Alvin Jennings Northrop

Joshua Jennings, The First came to Greens Farms around 1645, from England, by way of Hartford Connecticut. 

Various members of the Jennings families farmed the land from Dennies Point to Frost Point (Westport, CT) from 1645 to about 1910.  The original settlers of Greens Farms were called the Bankside Farmers and farmed the land from Burial Hill to Frost Point.

Joshua Jennings, the second, was your great, great, great, great, great, great great grandfather.  He was, in 1711, one of the seven founders of the Greens Farms Congregational Church.  They left First Church Congregational in Fairfield so that they could have a church closer to their home lands.  (I believe one or both Joshuas are buried in the Colonial cemetary in Greens Farms off exit 18.  ejn)

A.( Sasco Creek Road and Beachside closest to water}  This is where your Great Great Grandfather Wakeman Jennings lived.  He was married to Mary Penfield of Fairfield.  The Penfield family ran the Sun Tavern (Just west of Town Hall, Fairfield).  The Penfield family also ran the Penfield Grist Mill (on Ash Creek) which supplied the Continental Army with flour. Penfield Reef and Penfield Road are named after the Penfield Family.

B. (Sasco Creek Road just behind A.) This is where your Great Grandfather Lewis Burr Jennings lived.  His wife was Mary Keeler of Ridgefield.  Mary Keeler's father was Jeremiah Keeler of Ridgefield.  The second child of Lewis Burr Jennings and Mary Keeler Jennings was Estella Keeler Jennings.  She married Georges Ives Northrop (son of George Elmore Northrop) (both George I. and George E. are buried at Oaklawn cemetary, Fairfield, Section A. ejn), and they were the parents of Alvin J., Margaret (I.) and Mary K. Northrop.

C.(other side of Sasco Creek Road behind where marsh is now) This was the home of Andrew Wakeman Jennings, whose father was Wakeman Jennings, and whose brother was Lewis Burr Jennings.  This house later became the home of Little Orphan Annie comic strip artist, Harold Gray.

D. (corner of Long Lots Road and Sturges Road) This was where your Great Grandfather Alvin Northrop lived.  He married Sarah Wakeman Alvord.  Sarah Wakeman Alvord was the daughter of David Alvord and Abigail Jennings.  David Alvord lived on the waterfront between Burial Hill and Frost Point.  This beach was called Alvord's Beach.

E. Bulkley Avenue between Old Road and the Post Road, West side closer to Old Road) This is where Mrs. Hannegan lived.  Her daughter, Margaret Ellen Hannegan married George Elmore Northrop.  He was the son of Alvin Northrop and Sarah Wakeman Alvord.  George Elmore Northrop and Margaret Ellen Hannegan were married after his return from the Civil War (he enlisted at age 17) and they made their home on Pequot Avenue in Southport.

George Ives Northrop, your grandfather, was the son of George Elmore Northrop.  He married Estella Keeler Jennings, daughter of Lewis Burr Jennings (was Annie Burr Jennings his sister? what about Oliver Burr Jennings).  When they were first married they lived a 3 Seymour Street, South Norwalk.  Their children were Alvin (Tom and Beth's father), Margaret and Mary.

F.(Beachside Road closer to Dennies point than Frost Point)This is where Wilbur Jennings lived.  He was the son of Andrew Wakeman Jennings.  This site later became the home of Eugene Henkels.

G. (Greens Farms Road)This was the home of Alphonso Jennings.  His children were Florence and Bertram Jennings.  When Alvin, Margaret and Mary were quite young, they used to plant corn for Cousin Florence and ride with her on her milk route in a Model T.

John Jennings
Death: 1640

Rose Lisle
Joshua Jennings
Birth: ABT 1620 England
Death: 1675 Fairfield, CT

Mary Williams
ABT 1630 Stratford, CT
Death: DEC 1697 Fairfileld, CT

Joshua Jennings 1Death: 1716
Hannah Lyon 1
Birth: ABT 1661
Death: NOV 1743 Westport, CT

Joshua Jennings 1Birth: ABT 1686Death: 1746 Fairfield, CT
2 JAN 1745/46 Fairfield, CT

Sarah Bulkeley 1Birth: 1694
Death: 17 SEP 1724 Fairfield, CT
Death: 17 SEP 1724

Joshua Jennings 1Birth: Greensfarms, CT
Birth: ABT 1727Death: 1 FEB 1818 Westport, CT

Spouse Unknown
Birth: 29 Nov 1734
Death: 12 Mar 1819 in Westport Connecticut
Ellen Esther Burr
Birth: 1734 in Redding, Connecticut
Death: 12 May 1819 in Westport, Connecticut
David J. Jennings * brother of Peter
Peter Jennings
Birth: 9 SEP 1764Death: 5 MAY 1841

Sarah (Sally) WakemanBirth: 4 FEB 1773
Death: 13 JUL 185

Wakeman Burr Jennings
B 4/12/1793 Greens Farms
D 10/28/1867 Greens Farms
Mary Penfield
Jeremiah Keeler
B 8/7/1786 Ridgefield, CT
D 7/13/1861 Ridgefield, CT
Hannah Smith (2nd wife) Catherine First? fm bible
B 3/10/1798 Norwalk, CT
D 7/12/1870 Cheshire, CT
Lewis Burr Jennings
B 2/18/1828 Westport, CT
D 7/15/1908 Westport, CT
Mary Keeler Jennings
B 9/30/1833 Ridgefield, CT
D 5/30/1899 Westport, CT
Estella Keeler Jennings
B 6/19/1872 Greens Farms, CT
D 1/7/1910 Bridgeport, CT





Amos Northrop + Rachel Ives

Alexander Alvord + Mary Vore
Thomas Alvord + Joanna Taylor
Thomas Alvord + Mary Strong, Esther Parsons
Elisha (Capt.) Alvord
+ Hannah Goodsell
John Alvord + Sarah Wakeman
David Alvord + Abigail Jennings* daughter of David (brother of Peter)

Alvin Northrop
Sarah Wakeman Alvord
George Elmore Northrop + Margaret Ellen Hannegan
George Ives Northrop
George Ives Northrop + Estella Keeler Jennings
Alvin Jennings Northrop



The heirs of Joshua Jennings I. for many years made fruitless efforts to establish a lawful claim to the vast estate of William Jennings of Acton Place, born in 1701 & who d. :9 June 1798, leaving estates in eleven counties in England, & millions in pounds sterling in nearly all the banks of London To establish such a claim, & to link the heirs of Joshua Jennings, who d. in 1675, with William Jennings of Acton place who d, in 1798, would be a remarkable undertaking. The property of this rich William Jennings was claimed in part, by the Baroness Howe, a daughter of the celebrated Admiral Howe, through a claim of intermarriage with the Jennings family with that of Curzens. The Earl Beuchamp (or Becham), also claimed heirship. Some clue in this way, may be given to Robert Beacham or Beuchamp of early Greens Farms. This William Jennings was the only child of Robert Jennens & Ann daughter & heir of Carew Guidott Esqr. of Hampshire, while Robert J. was the fifth son & heir of Humphrey Jennens, an iron master of Birmingham Eng. who married Mary Milward. This William Jennings was at one time a page to King William III, who was his godfather. He was also a nephew of Sarah Jennings, a maid of honor & the favorite of Queen Ann, who married the great Duke of Marlborough.

No record of the birth Joshua Jennings or of his parentage, has ever been found in England or Amerca.


The History of Fairfield, Fairfield County, Connecticut
 By Elizabeth Hubbell Schenck