Northrop Genealogy

George Elmore Northrop B. 1844

Still to come(Click to view the page with all of George's Letters from Civil War Service.)

This is one of the walking canes that George brought back from the Civil War. It is intricately carved with information on the Battle on Antietam incuding the dates and numbers of soldiers killed and wounded. Note the shell used on the bottom of the cane.

Here is another cane brought back from his service.  This one comemmorates the Battles of Little Round Top and Big Round Top.

George Served as the First Chief of the Southport Volunteer Fire Department from 1895-1896.  This was one of two Fire Departments in Southport.

from the Southport Volunteer Fire Department website

"The Southport Fire Department was organized October 2, 1895 following an arson fire that claimed $10,000 in damages to the warehouses of C.O. Jelliff and the lives of 4 horses trapped in a neighboring barn which also burned. It took nearly three hours for the villagers and the Fairfield Volunteer Hook & Ladder Co. to extinguish the blaze. Within two weeks there were already 23 members in newly formed department and they began the process of purchasing a Gleason & Bailey pump, 200 feet of hose, and a Hook & Ladder truck equipped with various length extension ladders.

In November of 1895, the Pequot Fire Company was formed by a number of men who were displeased with the way the Southport Fire Department was being run. The two departments co-existed in the village for five years and during that time developed a strong rivalry. In 1900 the Pequot Fire Company decided that it would be in the best interest of all concerned to consolidate the two departments. In April 1900 all assets of the Pequot Fire Company #1 were transferred to the Southport Fire Department and the Pequots slipped into non-existence.

In February 1896, the Southport Fire Department became the first in the state to own a steam pumper when the American Fire Engine Company in Seneca Falls, NY delivered a new Silsby Steamer to the village. The steamer held 25 gallons of water, 1500 feet of hose and when fully loaded weighed more than 5200 pounds. Sufficient energy could be generated to run the pump within 6 to 8 minutes of lighting the coal. It was housed at the original Fire House, situated on Railroad Avenue and when the present station house was dedicated in 1915, it was moved to it's new home."

* brother William Northrop was in business with Jeliff as Jeliff and Northrop from xxx to xxx.










This home on Pequot Avenue, Southport, Connecticut is a recently restored example of the Northrop Brothers fine carpentry and building in the Southport-Greeens Farms area.


Image Courtesy of David Parker Associates