897855 A Branch of Connecticut Northrops 1619 to Present


Family Tree
Before the founder England
 Joseph Northrup            
1619(1639)-1669 Milford
 Joseph Northrup             narrrow
1649 Milford ~ ???1700
 James Northrop              
1693 Milford ~ 1747
 James Northrop
1719 Ridgefield ~ 1784
 Amos Northrop              
1778? Milford 1855 Warren
 Alvin Northrop                
1803 Ridgefield, Kent, Milford, Salem ~1875 or 86
 George Elmore  Northrop
1844 Cornwall~1906 Southport
 George Ives  Northrop     
1871 Southport ~ 1923 Southport
 Alvin Jennings  Northrop  
1905 Southport/Norwalk ~ 1980 Fairfield





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This is a work in process and there are still other possible fathers for Amos.

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Jelliff Northrop Connections

The original carpentry business in Southport was that of "Jelliff and Northrop" The may have also run a hardware business. Later William and George Northrop ran a Coal and Lumber business by the Southport Railroad Station.

William born 1836
George born 1844
Civil War 1861- 1865

Jelliff Northrop connection? before William works with Jelliff?

later name of Luzon Jelliff is in Redding along with Lewis Northrop
early redding

BETTS and Northrop Georgetown, CT

" Godfrey & Son ran the grist and saw mill for many years and did a large business. In 1853 or '54 Ephraim Godfrey died. His son then continued the business. About this time a new grist mill was started in the old woolen mill lower down the river and the Godfrey Mills did not have much to do, and later the mills were closed. Some time after, Edwin Gilbert bought the property, rebuilt the mill dam and mill, enlarging it, fitting it up for other manufacturing; for a while, Betts & Northrop had a carpenter shop there. Blood's patent flour sifter and other wire goods were made there at this time. Later the Gilbert & Bennett Co. purchased it and changed it into a wire mill" redding web page Amos Northrup(1815 s/o Philip Ridgefield)

  • ID: I3317
  • Name: Robert Arthur NORTHROP
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: NOV 1903 in Westport,CT
  • Death: OCT 1977 in Westport,CT
  • Change Date: 13 JAN 2003 at 08:22:03

    Father: Arthur Phoenix NORTHROP b: 10 AUG 1882 in Norwalk,CT
    Mother: Marion ALLEN b: 3 SEP 1883 in Westport,CT

    Marriage 1 Beulah Nash ALLEN b: 9 APR 1905 in Westport,CT m... Abt 1932 in Westport,CT




    from http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/p/o/p/Sandra-Popiel/FILE/0708text.txt

    Northrop, Unknown         :3200115    Census
    Search for this name at Ancestry.com Has no children Spouse: Hannah Betts 

    Other ID him as
    ID: I1253
    Name: Jared NORTHROP
    Sex: M
    Birth: 19 NOV 1761 in Ridgefield, Fairfield, CT
    Father: Aaron NORTHROP b: 30 NOV 1720 in Ridgefield, Fairfield, CT
    Mother: Rebecca HYATT
    Marriage 1 Hannah BETTS b: 27 SEP 1768 in Wilton, Fairfield, CT
    Married: ABT 1788 in of Ridgefield, Fairfield, CT
    Father prob John or Cyrus

    ID: I646068188
    Given Name: UNKNOWN
    Surname: Northrop
    Sex: M
    Change Date: 29 Mar 2006
    Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown
    Married: 27 Jul 1796 in New Milford,Litchfield Co.,Connecticut
    Has Children Sarah (Northrup) NORTHROP b: 9 Nov 1807 in New Milford,Litchfield Co.,Connecticut

    This is the son of James, Son of James in Ridgefield other listings have names


    1860 census Weston

    Aaron Jelliff sieve maker Caroline, Aaron George Gould, Charles O, Caroline,
    Gregory Osborn,
    Samuel Osborne

    Lewis Northrop age 26 B? Carpenter, Abby J age 21, Mary E 2/12, Ruth Smith 54

    Jonathan. Betts age 38 B? Carpenter


    1880 Wilton census has Jeliff and Charles Addison Northrop

    1850 Born Ridgefield Son of Benjamin Keeler (Cyrus Ridgefield+ Polly Fancher Pound Ridge)Northrop and Catherine Keeler
    235 NORTHROP JOHN 65 1815 ?
    4 Roswell MORGAN b: 6 Apr 1809 + Mary JELLIFF
    4 Delia Ann MORGAN b: 26 May 1811 + Ezra NORTHROP delia's father Stephen MORGAN b: 8 JUL 1781 in Norwalk, CT from rootsweb

    CHARLES B. NORTHROP PASSED the age of three score years and ten and still active, is a record of which Charles B. Northrop may well be proud. Albeit, everyone who knows him is proud of him. He was born in Ridgefield, the birthplace of two governors, January 10, 1839, a son of Amos Northrop and Eliza Ann Betts. After attending the public schools the finishing touches of his education were put on in a private school. A few of the early years of his life were spent in New Haven, this state; New York city and Vineland, N. J. However, Connecticut was home to him, and, returning to Ridgefield he has since remained there. He was married to Miss Lucy Anne Smith in Vineland, August 1, 1865, and three children were born to them Carrie, born April 23, 1866, died June 14, 1885 ; Rebi, born October 14, 1867 and Grace, born January 5, 1874. Mr. Northrop is and always has been a builder. In town affairs he has served as a member of the Board of Education, Board of Burgesses and at present is Tree Warden. He was an incorporator and director of the Ridgefield Savings Bank and is a past master of Jerusalem Lodge, A. F. & A. M. He was master of the lodge twelve times and has held all its offices. He is parish clerk and a member of the vestry of the Episcopal church. He belongs to the Republican party and has represented his town twice in the Legislature, first in 1879 and in the last session, when lie was a member of the committee on incorporations.


    NOTE: This ancestry report starts with Charles S. Nash, diarist Jared Nash’s son (born during the diary period) in order to include both the Nash and Smith clans. Data here are being updated frequently.




    1.  Charles Smith NASH1 was born on October 6, 1865 in Ridgefield, Conn..  He died in 1929 in Ridgefield, Conn..  Charles was probably born late in the evening of the 6th, after Jared had already made his entry for the day. Charles Smith Nash, named after Jared's father and Emily Smith Nash's family, hardly knew his father; Jared died five years after Charles' birth. After Jared's death, Emily moved with her children to the Smith family homestead on West Lane. At age six, he started attending Flat Rock School and later went to West Lane Schoolhouse. His teacher in both schools was Miss Jeannie E. Holmes. As an older boy, he boarded at the home of William H. Gilbert, from whom he learned the carpenter's and building trades. At Charles' death on Aug. 9, 1929, The Press reported that "Mr. Nash was always regarded as an earnest student and was a discriminating reader of the best literature. He possessed a wonderful memory and nothing of any value was ever lost to him." Charles took over Gilbert's building business and later went into partnership with William F. Hoyt -- perhaps the same William Hoyt mentioned in the Oct. 3 entry. As "Nash and Hoyt," they erected many fine houses, including the mansion at Main Street in King Lane. Charles had a "judgment [that] was sound and practical, and his counsel could always be depended upon," The Press said. He was the town's first fire chief, had a Boy Scout troop, was a member of the Pilgrim Lodge of Odd Fellows, served on the Board of Burgesses for the old village borough for many years was a director and vice-president of the First National Bank and Trust Company of Ridgefield, a director of the Ridgefield Savings Bank, and a trustee of the Methodist church. He was a Democrat.






    2.  DIARIST Jared NASH was born in 1825 in Ridgefield, Conn.  He died in 1870 in Ridgefield, Conn.  The 1850 Census reports that Jared, 23, was living Cyrus B. Grummon, a shoemaker who lived on the corner of West and Golf Lanes in a house no longer standing. Grummon was a shoemaker, and the census lists Jared also as a shoemaker. Jared was probably an apprentice to Grummon, learning the shoemaking craft. More interesting is the fact that the census-taker's immediately preceding visit was to the home of Gamaliel Smith, whose 18-year-old daughter would eventually marry Jared. Perhaps it was while he was living with Grummon that he got to know Emily, and began courting her. Also living with Grummon was Henry Partrick, 22, listed as a shoemaker. Partrick was probably also an apprentice.  He was married to Emily A SMITH on November 12, 1856 in Ridgefield, Conn..


    3.  Emily A SMITH was born about 1832 in Ridgefield, Conn..  She died in 1901 in Ridgefield, Conn..  Jared NASH and Emily A SMITH had the following children:


                                       i.    Emily Louise NASH was born on April 16, 1860 in Ridgefield, Conn..  She died in 1915 in Ridgefield, Conn..

                 1                   ii.    Charles Smith NASH.






    4.  Charles NASH was born on December 17, 1793 in Ridgefield, Conn..  He died in 1878 in Ridgefield, Conn..  The vital records show that Roxana, wife of Charles Nash, died in 1821. Charles himself refers to his first wife as Roxana in a deed. In RLR 17/23 on March 12, 1842, Charles Nash quit claims to his father Jared Nash eight acres "near to and north of the house of Jared Nash," bounded north by Hiram L. Seymour and Thaddeus Keeler and by "The Branch," and by Jared Nash; southeasterly by highway, "the above being a tract of land which belonged to my first wife, Roxana Nash, decd." Also one other tract lying in said Ridgefield near the foot of the Silver Spring Road so called in quantity three acres more or less, bounded north by land of heirs of Samuel O. Nash decd., west by land of said heirs, south by land of said Jared Nash, and east by highway. My right and interest in the same being the use and occupation thereof during my natural life. Witnesses included Elizabeth R. Grummon and Harvey Smith.


    5.  Roxy KEELER was born on April 1, 1794 in Wilton, Conn..  She died in 1876 in Ridgefield, Conn..  Charles NASH and Roxy KEELER had the following children:


                                       i.    Elizabeth R NASH was born in 1822 in Ridgefield, Conn..2  She died in 1901.2  "E.R.G" was Elizabeth R. Nash, the daughter of the daughter of Charles Nash by his second wife, Roxy Keeler (his first wife Roxanna Nickerson died in 1821, and Elizabeth was born in 1822). Although no birth record has been found, this relationship seems certain because: 1. Elizabeth R. Nash married Charles Grummun in 1841. When Charles died a few years later, Charles Nash and his father, Jared Nash, served as administrators of his estate . 2. Charles C. Grummun, the son of Charles and Elizabeth Grummun, is living with Charles and Roxy Nash in 1850.  3. Elizabeth R. Grummun, her husband and child are buried right next to Charles and Roxy Nash at the Ridgefield Cemetery.  Thus, E.R.G. is Jared Nash's sister. She was born in 1822 , married Charles Grummun Nov. 10, 1841,   but he died Aug. 6, 1847, only 29 years old.  Two weeks earlier, on July 31, 1847, their year-old son, Henry S. Grummun, had died. On Dec. 24, 1847, Elizabeth R. Grumman was appointed guardian of their two children - Elizabeth A. “Libby” Grummun, 5, and Charles C. Grumman, 7.  She died 1901.  She may have been a seamstress. She became professed member of the First Congregational Church in 1840.  Charles and Elizabeth lived in a house at the north corner of Main and Market Streets, possibly the one still standing there today, now owned by the town.  The house was right across Market Street from Hurlbutt's Market. She sold the place in 1850 to Rufus H. Pickett, who lived there and had a cabinet shop just down Market Street from the house . She later lived in New York City and Stamford - and possibly died in Stamford. When Charles Nash (q.v.) transferred all his property to his father, Jared, in 1842 to handle his insolvency problems, Elizabeth R. Grummun and Harvey Smith signed as witnesses.  Elizabeth's husband may have been a son of Caleb Grumman, whose daughter, Emily, married David W. Olmstead. Both David and Emily Olmstead appear in the diary. Name is spelled Grumman, Grummon, and Grummun in various sources, but the gravestones say Grummun and, in March 25, 1850 guardianship report, she clearly signs her name Grummun. Daughter Libby is a teacher in town and a frequent visitor at the Nash homestead.

                 2                   ii.    Jared NASH.

                                     iii.    Mary NASH was born on September 19, 1828 in Ridgefield, Conn..3 She died on July 19, 1850.3


    6.  Gamaliel SMITH2 died on February 15, 1861 in Ridgefield, Conn..2  He was buried in Gamaliel Smith Cemetery, lower West Lane.2  He was 73 years old at his death, according to RVR. The record says he was born in Ridgefield. A Gamaliel Smith died Jan. 5, 1782, probably the son of Samuel Smith 3rd and Mary Smith. Possibly born Nov. 2, 1717.

    On Dec. 21, 1833, Gamaliel and Polly Smith quit claimed to Jared Northrup for $110 two acres bounded north by Cyrus Northrup, west Jared Northrup, south Abigail and Eunice Northrup, and east highway, "lying in the southwest part of Ridgefield...being the land distributed to me the said Polly Smith from my father Jared Northrup decd estate" [RLR vol. 15, page 214]

    The same day, they also sell to Hiram H. Northrup for $140 four acres in southwest Ridgefield, bounded north and east by Widow [of] Joseph Northrup, decd., south highway, west Benjamin Keeler [Vol 15 page 214]

    On April 2 1834 Daniel Smith of Ridgefield for $1 quit claims to Gamaliel Smith four acres bounded south by Fanny Olmsted, wife of Walter Olmsted, west Josiah Benedict, north highway and east own. This is probably on West Lane. [Vol. 15, page 235]

    Then Gamaliel to Daniel, two acres bounded south by Fanny, west own, north and east, highway [ibid]  He was married to Polly NORTHROP about 1815.4


    7.  Polly NORTHROP2,5 was born on March 20, 1794.4  She died on May 13, 1881 in Ridgefield, Conn..2  She was 87 years old at her death. On Nov. 12, 1881. her heirs gave their power of attorney to Jared N. Olmstead. They call Polly their mother. They are: John B. Smith, Daniel Smith, Laura Smith, Elizabeth Smith, and Emily A. Nash, all of Ridgefield; Walter Quintard and Sarah, his wife, Henry L. Seymour, Samuel M. Seymour, and Francis S. Seymour, all of Norwalk; Edwin O. Seymour, Stephen R. Birchard and his wife, Betsy, all of Wilton. The document mentions that Polly was an heir of Abigail Northrop, and property was in both Ridgefield and New York State. She is buried at Smith Cemetery on lower West Lane.  Gamaliel SMITH and Polly NORTHROP had the following children:


                                       i.    Laura SMITH was born on March 29, 1819 in Ridgefield, Conn..3  She died on January 2, 1910 in Ridgefield, Conn..6

                                      ii.    John Betts SMITH was born on April 2, 1829 in Ridgefield, Conn..7

                 3                  iii.    Emily A SMITH.






    8.  Jared NASH2,5 was born on August 10, 1769 in Ridgefield, Conn..6  He died on April 18, 1860 in Ridgefield, Conn..2  Jared is buried with his wife, Sarah, and with his parents, at the Ridgefield Cemetery. On March 12, 1842, Charles Nash quit claims to Jared Nash eight acres "near to and north of the house of Jared Nash," bounded north by Hiram L. Seymour and Thaddeus Keeler and by "The Branch" and by Jared Nash, southeasterly by highway. "The above being a tract of land which belonged to my first wife, Roxana Nash, decd." Also transferred was a tract "near the foot of the Silver Spring Road so called in quantity three acres more or less," bounded north by land of heirs of Samuel O. Nash decd., west by land of said heirs, south by land of said Jared Nash and east by highway. "My right and interest in the same being the use and occupation thereof during my natural life." (RLR 17-223) Witnesses included Elizabeth R. Grummon and Harvey Smith. RLR 17/224 on the same day, Jared Nash for $1,000 sells Charles Nash two acres and buildings "the place in which said Charles now resides," bounded north by Edwin Benedict, east and south by Hiram L. and Charles Seymour, west by highway. In another deed, RLR 17/224, Jared Nash sells Roxy Nash, wife of Charles Nash of Ridgefield, six acres at New Pound Ridge, on the west side of the road, bounded north by land of Joshua King, west by state line, south by Hiram L. Seymour, east by highway; and seven acres, near the above, also on the west side of the highway, bounded north by Rufus N. Seymour, east by Seymour and Jared N. St. John, south by Jared N. St. John. Jared keeps "the use and improvement of the above described tracts during the natural life of above named Charles Nash."  He was married to Rachel OLMSTED on July 7, 1793 in Ridgefield, Conn..6


    9.  Rachel OLMSTED was born on October 31, 1759 in Ridgefield, Conn..  She died on March 25, 1850 in Ridgefield, Conn..2  Jared NASH and Rachel OLMSTED had the following children:


                 4                    i.    Charles NASH.

                                      ii.    Clara NASH8,8 was born on November 11, 1800 in Ridgefield, Conn..8  She died on March 1, 1865 in Port Chester, N.Y..8


    10.   Stephen KEELER9 was born on May 23, 1746 in Wilton, Conn..9  He died on December 22, 1812 in Wilton, Conn..9  Stephen was an Episcopalian and remained loyal to the British crown in the Revolutionary War. He was imprisoned until January 1777 when the Council of Safety voted to release him on bond of 1,000 pounds and his pledge not to do or say anything against the United States. He was later a selectman in the newly formed town of Wilton in 1806/7.  He was married to Hannah MARVIN on January 12, 1773 in Wilton, Conn..9  The date of marriage differs between the town record, June 15, and the church record, Jan. 12, according to the Keeler genealogy.


    11.  Hannah MARVIN was born on January 10, 1753 in Norwalk, Conn..  She died on April 24, 1820 in Wilton, Conn..  Stephen KEELER and Hannah MARVIN had the following children:


                                       i.    Sarah KEELER was born on April 26, 1774 in Wilton, Conn..  She died on September 19, 1854.  Amos and Sarah lived in Ridgefield after their wedding.

                                      ii.    John KEELER was born on December 29, 1776 in Wilton, Conn..9

                                     iii.    Lockwood KEELER was born on September 9, 1778 in Wilton, Conn..9  He died on June 23, 1799.

                                      iv.    Nancy KEELER was born on August 11, 1780 in Wilton, Conn..9  She died on January 15, 1812 in Ridgefield, Conn..9

                                       v.    Lucy KEELER was born on April 27, 1782 in Wilton, Conn..  She died on May 27, 1866 in Wilton, Conn..10  The death of "Aunt Lucy" is noted in the diary on May 28, 1866. She had visited with the Nashes the year before, and lived in northern Wilton. Her husband was a farmer. The 1850 census shows what may be a son, Oliver Dudley, a clerk, living with them.

                                      vi.    Mary KEELER was born on July 22, 1787 in Wilton, Conn..

                                    vii.    Jane KEELER was born on December 9, 1789 in Wilton, Conn..9  She died on November 7, 1859.

                                   viii.    Esther KEELER was born on December 9, 1789 in Wilton, Conn..  She died on September 30, 1839 in Ridgefield, Conn..

                 5                  ix.    Roxy KEELER.


    14.  Jared NORTHROP6.  He was married to Eunice BETTS on April 22, 1793 in Ridgefield, Conn..6


    15.  Eunice BETTS.  Jared NORTHROP and Eunice BETTS had the following children:


                 7                    i.    Polly NORTHROP.






    16.  Abraham NASH Jr. was born on November 7, 1740 in Ridgefield, Conn..  He died on November 3, 1821 in Ridgefield, Conn..2  He was buried in Ridgefield, Conn..  Abraham's second wife was Mrs. Elizabeth Smith in 1795. He is buried in Ridgefield Cemetery alongside Sarah, who died June 12, 1793, as well as his son Jared and his wife, Rachel. Also there is Sgt. Jacob Nash, who died July 11, 1779 and was in Captain Olmstead's Company.  He was married to Sarah OLMSTEAD on November 17, 1762 in Ridgefield, Conn..6


    17.  Sarah OLMSTEAD died on June 12, 1793 in Ridgefield, Conn..2  She was buried in Ridgefield, Conn. Cemetery.  She is buried at Ridgefield Cemetery next to Abraham.  Abraham NASH Jr. and Sarah OLMSTEAD had the following children:


                                       i.    Daniel NASH was born on November 24, 1763.

                                      ii.    Sarah NASH was born on May 5, 1766 in Ridgefield, Conn..7

                 8                  iii.    Jared NASH.

                                      iv.    Phebe NASH was born on February 9, 1771.7

                                       v.    Samuel Olmstead NASH3,3 was born on March 12, 1778 in Ridgefield, Conn..6  He died on January 13, 1831 in Ridgefield, Conn..3  The IGI says a Samuel Olmstead Nash of Ridgefield was married to Glorianna St. John on Feb. 9, 1822 when Abraham St. John Nash was born.

                                      vi.    Abiah NASH was born on April 21, 1782 in Ridgefield, Conn..  She died on April 4, 1869 in Ridgefield, Conn..  Jared called her "Aunt Biar" on July 6, 1865. The Olmstead genealogy says she died in 1862 but her headstone says 1869.

                                    vii.    Abraham NASH was born on November 13, 1783.7  The IGI calls him Abram Nash.


    18.  Deacon Nathan OLMSTED was born on March 7, 1717 in Ridgefield, Conn..  He died on July 30, 1805 in Ridgefield, Conn..  Three sons of Nathan Olmsted fought in the Battle of Ridgefield.  He was married to Mrs. Sarah SMITH on February 12, 1752.


    19.  Mrs. Sarah SMITH.  Deacon Nathan OLMSTED and Mrs. Sarah SMITH had the following children:


                 9                    i.    Rachel OLMSTED.


    20.  Jehu KEELER was born in 1715 in Norwalk, Conn..9  He died in 1789 in Wilton, Conn..  Jehu and Lydia Keeler had nine children, including Stephen, and then Jehu by second wife, Hannah Bouton, had a tenth.  He was married to Lydia LOCKWOOD in 1739.


    21.  Lydia LOCKWOOD died on November 16, 1766.  Jehu KEELER and Lydia LOCKWOOD had the following children:


               10                    i.    Stephen KEELER.


    28.  Aaron NORTHROP.  He was married to Rebeckah HOYT on January 25, 1743/44 in Ridgefield, Conn..


    29.  Rebeckah HOYT.  Aaron NORTHROP and Rebeckah HOYT had the following children:


               14                    i.    Jared NORTHROP.






    32.  Abraham NASH was born about 1720 in Norwalk, Conn..9  He was married to Rhoda KEELER in 1738.  "They had 12 children and moved to Ballston, N.Y.," according to the Keeler genealogy.9


    33.  Rhoda KEELER9.  Abraham NASH and Rhoda KEELER had the following children:


               16                    i.    Abraham NASH Jr..


    40.  John KEELER was born on December 26, 1682 in Norwalk, Conn..9  He died on July 11, 1763 in Wilton, Conn..  John was one of the petitioners in 1726 to create the parish of Wilton.  He was married to Rhoda HOYT on April 19, 1710 in Norwalk, Conn..


    41.  Rhoda HOYT was born about 1690 in Norwalk, Conn..9  She died on January 28, 1754 in Wilton, Conn..  John KEELER and Rhoda HOYT had the following children:


               20                    i.    Jehu KEELER.

               33                   ii.    Rhoda KEELER.


    42.  Capt. James LOCKWOOD.  He was married to Lydia SMITH.


    43.  Lydia SMITH.  Capt. James LOCKWOOD and Lydia SMITH had the following children:


               21                    i.    Lydia LOCKWOOD.


    56.  Joseph NORTHROP.  He was married to Susanna ?.


    57.  Susanna ?.  Joseph NORTHROP and Susanna ? had the following children:


               28                    i.    Aaron NORTHROP.






    64.  John NASH9.  He was married to Abigail BLAKESLEE.


    65.  Abigail BLAKESLEE.  John NASH and Abigail BLAKESLEE had the following children:


               32                    i.    Abraham NASH.


    66.  John KEELER is the same as person number 40.


    67.  Rhoda HOYT is the same as person number 41.


    86.  Samuel SMITH11.  He was called Norwalk Samuel Smith to distinguish him from Milford Samuel Smith.  He was married to Rachel MARVIN about 1670/71.


    87.  Rachel MARVIN died about 1687.  Samuel SMITH and Rachel MARVIN had the following children:


               43                    i.    Lydia SMITH.




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    jelliff northrop






    The History of Redding, Connecticut, from Its First Settlement to the

    Charles Jelliff, son of Aaron of Georgetown, CT, started C. O. Jelliff Company in Southport.

    IT is possible that charles is the individual.

    1880 Census

    Charles Q. JELLIFF Household
      Other Information:
        Birth Year <1848> 
        Birthplace CT 
        Age 32 
        Occupation Grocer 
        Marital Status M <Married> 
        Race W <White> 
        Head of Household Charles Q. JELLIFF
        Relation Self 
        Father's Birthplace CT 
        Mother's Birthplace CT 
      Source Information:
        Census Place Westport, Fairfield, Connecticut 

    1850 census redding

    John Hull Shoemaker b. Newtown
    James Cummings Shoemaker b. Weston
    Norman Northrop** Farmer b. Redding back to Newtown in 1860
    Julia "
    Sarah "
    Walter Sanford


    Jared Olmstead cabinet maker ridgefield centetr


    Burr Bennett Shoemaker b.Redding Center

    Lots of Canfields, Olmsteads

    Many Carriage Makers, Shoemakers, Comb Makers

    ** Norman Northrop [s/o Walter Northrop and Rebecca Northrop b: 1798 in Newtown(Samuel Northrop b: 1773 in Newtown and : Clarissa Johnson b: 1773] <Peter Northrop b: 3 JUL 1754 Newtown and
    Lucy Sherman b: ABT. 1762 <Father: John Northrup , Jr. b: 9 JUL 1732 in Newtown, and: Lois Northrup b: 28 FEB 1731/32 Newtown [William Northrup II 16 DEC 1694 in Milford and Johanna b: 18 DEC 1700] >John Northrup b: ABT. 1687 in Milford and Mary Porter b: ABT. 1689


    Jelliff Census 1860

    Francis Jelliff Bridgeport
    Francis age 43 Carpenter

    William Northrop 1860 Bridgeport

    William Age 24 Carpenter


    Jelliff Census 1880 Weston

    Francis age 41 Farmer
    Louisa age 38 Keeps House
    Sophia Betts age 54 Keeps House
    Morris Age 30? Hatter
    Stephen R 29 Laborer



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    Did you know -
    There are 3,967 people in the U.S. with the last name Northrop.

    Statistically the 8512th most popular last name.

    There are 4,272 people in the U.S. with the last name Northrup.

    Statistically the 8013th most popular last name.
    from http://www.howmanyofme.com/search/

    There are fewer than 1,526 people in the U.S. with the first name Northrop. The estimate for this name is not absolute.

    There are fewer than 1,526 people in the U.S. with the first name Northrup. The estimate for this name is not absolute.

    deed from the Ramapoo Tribe of Indians and their associates to the proprietors, viz. : John Belden, Samuel Keeler, Sen., Matthias Saint John, Benjamin Hickcock, John Beebee, Samuel Saint John, Mathew Seamor, James Brown, Benjamin Wilson, Joseph Birch- ard, John Whitne, Sen., John Bouton, Joseph Keeler, Samuel Smith, Junior, Jonathan Stevens, Daniel Olmstead, Richard Olmstead, John Sturtevant, Samuel Keeler, Junior, Joseph Bouton, Jonathan Rockwell, Edward Waring, Joseph Whitne, Daniel Olmstead, Thomas Hyatt, James Benedick, Joseph Crampton, Ebenezer Sension, Matthias Saint John, all of the Town of Norwalk in ye County of Fairfield in her Majesties Colony of Connecticut, in New England, and Thomas Smith, Thomas Canfield and Samuel Smith of ye Town of Milford in ye County of New Haven a 30th day of September in ye seventh year of the reign of our Sovereign Lady, Anne, Queen of England, and in the Year of our Lord God 1708.

    14. Norwalk, settled 1649; incorporated Sept., 1651, "Norwaukee shall bee a townee," Algonkin noyank, point of land, or more probably from the Indian name, "Naramauke."

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    This home on Pequot Avenue, Southport, Connecticut is a recently restored example of the Northrop Brothers fine carpentry and building in the Southport-Greeens Farms area.

    Image Courtesy of David Parker Associates