Northrop Genealogy ~~~ John Hannegan

Margaret (Martha) Hannegan (Hanegan)'s father. She was the wife of George Elmore Northrop.

1868 map of Westport shows Mrs. Hannegan on what looks like the current Bulkley Avenue. John was discharged in 1865, but the data for maps is often a year or two behind the printing date.

Sad to consider that a family separated by service in Civil War would come to be known as "Mrs. Hannegan" rather than "the Hannegans". With the record of the 14th C. V. and limited communication, it is possible there were times Sarah would have believed he was lost.

Sarah Hannegan (b. ~ 1826) died in September 1869 in Westport. She was only age 43 and died of cancer. I have not found her resting place. NEED TO CHECK FAIRFIELD EAST.

Between July or August, 1862 and June 1865, Sarah had been without her husband.

They had just a little over 4 years together after his return and it's quite possible that she was suffering from the effects of her illness for the last year or more.


John Hannagan Tinsmith / Blacksmith
1817 - 1893
wife b Ireland Ct 14th
Wounded at Fredericksburg
& Sarah Bunnell


Sarah died sometime before April 13, '1878. That is the date of John's admission to Civil War Hospital at Hampton, VA where he is listed as a widower.
John Hannigan
Birth:  unknown Ireland
Death:  Sep. 2, 1889
Hampton National Cemetery 
Hampton Hampton City Virginia, USA
Plot: , 6195
This was the cemetery of the Civil War Hospital at Hampton, VA
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Imported from: US Veteran's Affairs
Record added: Mar 04, 2000 
Find A Grave Memorial# 3083516
              Margaret Ellen Hannagan 12-16-1846 Brooklyn NY-6-22-1923 Southport, CT
George Elmore Northrop m. 1/17/1865

1845 - 1934
                George Ives Northrop &
Estella Keeler Jennings
                Winthrop Blaine Northrop unm.  
              Hattie Hannagan
              William Henry Hannagan Tinsmith
& Gracia A PHILLIPS 1871

  1. Has No Children Paul HANNIGAN b: 1900
  2. Has Children William Henry HANNIGAN b: 19 JUL 1907 Bennington VT
  3. Has No Children John HANNIGAN
  4. Has No Children Sarah HANNIGAN
              John 1855 or 26 Nov 1853 Springfield MA  
              Emily 1857    
              Julia 1859    

Her father, John served in the Civil War. His records list the name as both Hannagan and Hannigan in different places. From Mom's notes John Hannagan (with the A circled) Death record 1893, Civil War Veteran

Mom's notes say "Last known address 70 Poplar Street, Brooklyn (prob NY), born in Ireland." but I have not verified this information. Here is that block on Poplar Street.

Courtesy Google Maps

Very interesting if this is correct address. It is adjacent to the Irish area of Brooklyn called Vinegar Hill.

"The Vinegar Hill Historic District... a residential remnant of the early nineteenth-century neighborhood that occupied the blocks between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Brooklyn Navy Yard. By the late nineteenth century, the large number of Irish residents had given the neighborhood the popular name "Irishtown," although other ethnic groups also lived in the area [Germans, Norwegians, Swedes, Poles, Italians, and Eastern European Jews]. ... The groups of houses that survive within the Vinegar Hill Historic District retain their historic architectural character and create a distinct sense of place, recalling a significant era in Brooklyn's history.

Area lots " were developed individually or in small groups in the 1840s and 1850s with houses that have Greek Revival and Italianate characteristics. Further residential construction occurred on a few remaining vacant lots on Hudson Avenue, Water Street, and Front Street in the years following the Civil War. By the late nineteenth century, the Vinegar Hill area had become a dense residential and industrial neighborhood. Hudson Avenue was a busy commercial strip, as evidenced by surviving ground-story shopfronts. .... Most of the residents worked on the waterfront, in the Navy Yard, or in neighborhood industries. By 1903, major changes began to occur in the area as a result of the building of the Manhattan Bridge and industrial expansion in the decade following the consolidation of the City of New York in 1898. Hundreds of small dwellings were replaced with large industrial buildings. More houses were razed in the 1920s and 1930s for truck storage facilities, parking lots, and warehouses, a pattern which continued after World War II.


This is from a wonderful blog post on NY Irish Roots.
This shows a home from Vinegar Hill. Click to see the entire blog.

Also from mom's notes: "Birth record Margaret HannAgan With the A circled -- 23 Park Row".
Must be NYC, there's no Park Row found in Brooklyn. It is just across from Brooklyn.
I have not verified this information. LOOK FOR COPY

It looks like 23 Park Row is just across the street from the area usually shown as the notorious Five Points area. It is just a couple of blocks from City Hall, then identified as Tammany Hall on the 1831 map.

A disease-ridden slum with.high population density, disease, infant and child mortality, unemployment, prostitution, violent crime. . However, it could be considered the original American melting pot, at first consisting primarily of newly emancipated blacks (gradual emancipation led to the end of slavery in New York on July 4, 1827) and Irish, who had a small minority presence in the area since the 1600s.[9] The local politics of "the Old Sixth ward" (The Points' primary municipal voting district),

...Five Points is alleged to have sustained the highest murder rate of any slum in the world. According to an old New York urban legend, the Old Brewery, an overcrowded tenement on Cross Street housing 1,000 poor, is said to have had a murder a night for 15 years, until its demolition in 1852.[13][14]

What place is this, to which the squalid street conducts us? A kind of square of leprous houses, some of which are attainable only by crazy wooden stairs without. What lies behind this tottering flight of steps? Let us go on again, and plunge into the Five Points....

This is the place; these narrow ways diverging to the right and left, and reeking everywhere with dirt and filth. Such lives as are led here, bear the same fruit as elsewhere. The coarse and bloated faces at the doors have counterparts at home and all the world over....

—Charles Dickens in American Notes, p. 61
~ ~ ~
There are a number of letters from "Hattie" to Mrs. George E. Northrop -- I think this may be Maggie's sister.
Hattie (Hannagan??) Lee Newark New Jersey
cousin to George ? William R. Lee crippled Meriden, CT his wife Minnie (Clark d/o John
& Mary Clark?)

Also from mom's notes Margaret Hannagan Northrop's brother nephew-- William Hennry Hannagan, b July 18, 1907. Mother Gracia A. Phillips ( 36 in 1907 North Adams, MA.)Father William H. Hannigan, Wspt. Tinsmith, Westport.

Census for George E & Margaret Northrop
1860 George with parents Westport, Margaret with her parents

1870 George Southport June 7th

George 38 Carpenter CT
Maggie 35 Keeping House CT

1880 Southport June 12th

George E 35 House Carpenter CT CT CT
Martha E 33 Keeps House CT NY NY
George I   9 At School CT CT NY

1890 No census Available
1900 Fairfield Town June 2nd

George E Feb 1844 56 marr 35 yrs CT NY CT Provision Dealer own mort house
Margarett E Dec 1845 54 marr 35 yrs NY Ireland Ireland
George I Son July 1871 28 Single CT CT NY Clerk
Winthrop Son July 1785 14 Single CT CT NY At School
Ellan Matthews B Nov 1880 19 Single Louisiana Louisiana Louisiana Servant

1910 Fairfield April 25th
Margaret age 64 Wid b. NY father b. CT mother b. NY None
Winthrop B. age 24 Son CT CT NY Real Estate

  • I think Margaret was born New York despite the conflicting entries.
  • With the Civil War documentation, I'm confident John was born in Ireland. It's quite possible it was advisable to obscure the Irish heritage in the earlier census years.
  • The information on Maggie's mother may be another story. Disparate data may support the notion that there was a second marriage -- that her birth mother was Irish and her step mother was vorn in NY or CT.

Is wife Sarah a Bunnell? Is she the first wife.

The Bunnell name is found early in Connecticut history- in Litchfield County, in the New Haven area and in the Fairfield Westport area.

There is a Bunnell associated with the building of ?Southport Congregational Church.  "Significance: The Southport Congregational Church is designed in the High Victorian Gothic manner by locally prominent architects Lambert and Bunnell, and erected in 1874-75."

Henry A. Lambert and Rufus W. Bunnell were a Bridgeport architectural firm who designed buildings in Southport during the 1860s and 70s.

There are several Bunnell families in Westport.






Mom's notes show Margaret Ellen Hannigan born in Brooklyn, NY 12/16/1845, died 6/22/1923 Southport, CT

~ ~ ~

Margaret E. Hannigan and George Northrop were married January 17, 1865 in Port Chester, NY by Valentine A Lewis, minister.

(Hanegan, Hannegan Hannagan, Hanagan, Hannigan, Hanigan, Hanaghan, Hannaghan)

from coat of arms Heenan, Henaghan, henehan, heenon,hanegan, hannegan, hanigan, hannigan, haneghan


View HANAGAN JOHN age 28 Great Britain USA LIVERPOOL WASHINGTON 004 03-31-1851 928 03/31/1851
View HANNIGAN JOHN age 29 Ireland USA LIVERPOOL COLUMBUS 004 02-25-1850 372 02/25/1850
View HANNIGAN JOHN age 29 Ireland USA LIVERPOOL COLUMBUS 004 02-25-1850 372 02/25/1850

MARGARET age 25 Great Britain USA LIVERPOOL SOUTH CAROLINA 004 07-24-1848 231 07/24/1848,sl,fd&q=Hannegan&mtch=19&tf=F

M. Hannegan
United States Famine Irish Passenger Index

Name M. Hannegan
Event Type Immigration
Event Date 12 Jul 1847
Event Place New York City, New York, New York, United States
Gender Female
Age 3
Birthplace Great Britain
Occupation Child
Ship Name SOLDAN
Birth Year (Estimated) 1844
Departure Port LIVERPOOL
Literacy Unknown
Destination Place USA
Transit or Travel Compartment Steerage
Affiliate Manifest ID 2249
Affiliate ARC Identifier 569666
Citing this Record

"United States Famine Irish Passenger Index, 1846-1851," database, FamilySearch ( : 27 December 2014), M. Hannegan, 12 Jul 1847; from "Famine Irish Passenger Record Data File (FIPAS), 1/12/1846 - 12/31/1851," database, The National Archives: Access to Archival Databases ( : accessed 2012); citing "Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies. Center for Immigration Research 1976-2002."


1860 Census Westport

Margaret's sister, Sarah, married George Hale of Greens Farms. My father, Alvin, could remember "Uncle George Hale" as he was growing up.

Father, John   Saddle Tree Maker 43 ~ 1817 Ireland
Civil War Service enlisted July 12 1862 discharged May 31, 1865          
  Possible Naturalization New York 1868
There is also a possible New Haven Naturalization record.
Sarah Bunnell mother age appears incorrect according to death record. Sarah was prob ~ 19 when they married.     43
~ 1817
~ 1826
George W. Mills   Farm Laborer 16

~ 1844

Sarah Mills     14 ~ 1846 Conn
Mary Mills     13 ~ 1847 Conn
Margaret     14 ~ 1846 Conn
John     5 ~ 1855 Conn
Name John Hannegan
Event Type Birth
Event Date 05 Aug 1856
Event Place Manhattan, NY, NY
Gender Male
Race White
Father's Name James Hannegan
Mother's Name Cathr. Hannegan
  Possible birth in NY??      
John   1920Census Norwalk Trolley Conductor      
There is death Record for John A. Hannegan
FamilySearch Link
Name John A. Hannegan
Gender Male
Burial Place Connecticut, United States
Death Date 1909
Birth Date 1857
John Hannigan ??Brother, Cousin or no relationship
Birth:  Jan., 1856
Connecticut, USA
Death:  1929
Connecticut, USA

S/O Unknown
H/O Kitty, Margaret 
Family links: 
  Margaret Hannigan (1881 - 1930)
Norwalk Union Cemetery 
Fairfield County
Connecticut, USA
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Created by: Emile and Charlotte
Record added: Aug 18, 2015 
Find A Grave Memorial# 150912046
Emily     3 ~ 1857 Conn
Julia     1 ~ 1859 Conn
~ 1832 View HANNAGAN JOHN age 16 Ireland USA DROGHEDA ANN 132 04-06-1848 106 04/06/1848
~ 1828 View HANNAGAN JOHN age 20 Ireland USA LIVERPOOL PRINCESS ROYAL 004 05-06-1848 373 05/06/1848
~ 1829 View HANNAGAN JOHN age 20 Ireland USA WATERFORD ORINOCO 050 05-08-1849 183 05/08/1849
~ 1823 View HANAGAN JOHN age 24 Great Britain USA LIVERPOOL YORKSHIRE 004 04-01-1847 392 04/01/1847
~ 1823 View HANAGAN JOHN age 24 Great Britain USA LIVERPOOL PATRICK HENRY 004 04-05-1847 347 04/05/1847
~ 1829 View HANAGAN JOHN age 20 Ireland USA LIVERPOOL HENRY CLAY 004 08-18-1849 308 08/18/1849
~ 1827 View HANAGAN JOHN age 23 Ireland USA LIVERPOOL CORA LINN 004 12-09-1850 319 12/09/1850
~ 1831 View HANAGAN JOHN age 20 Ireland USA LIVERPOOL MARMIOM 004 02-22-1851 278 02/22/1851
~ 1823 View HANAGAN JOHN age 28 Great Britain USA LIVERPOOL WASHINGTON 004 03-31-1851 928 03/31/1851
~ 1827 View HANIGAN JOHN age 20 Ireland USA LIVERPOOL REPUBLIC 004 10-28-1847 150 10/28/1847
~ 1809 View HANIGAN JOHN age 40 Ireland USA LIVERPOOL COLUMBIA 004 03-26-1849 440 03/26/1849
~ 1817 View HANNIGAN JOHN age 30 Great Britain USA CORK D.B. 046 05-24-1847 074 05/24/1847
  View HANNIGAN CATHERINE age 28 Great Britain USA CORK D.B. 046 05-24-1847 074 05/24/1847
~ 1828 View HANNIGAN JOHN age 20 Ireland USA DROGHEDA ANN 132 04-06-1848 106 04/06/1848
~ 1824 View HANNIGAN JOHN age 25 Ireland USA LIVERPOOL SENATOR 004 01-23-1849 171 01/23/1849
~ 1821 View HANNIGAN JOHN age 29 Ireland USA LIVERPOOL COLUMBUS 004 02-25-1850 372 02/25/1850
~ 1805 View HANNIGAN JOHN age 45 Ireland USA LIVERPOOL ALBERT GALLATIN 004 08-24-1850 362 08/24/1850
~ 1841 View HANNIGAN JOHN age 09 Ireland USA LIVERPOOL ALBERT GALLATIN 004 08-24-1850 362 08/24/1850

1860 Census Michael could he be the son of Michael below? --born the year they arrived? They are the only Hannegan of any spelling who specified Connecticut as their destination -- leading one to believe they know someone already or had a position in advance. Makes me think he is related to John Hannegan. So I'd speculate that John was here first. I'm not sure on the Margaret/Martha born in Connecticut -- if so , John and family were here by ~ 1846.

~ 1822 View HANEGAN MICHL. age 28 Ireland CONNECTICUT LIVERPOOL ESMERALDA 004 07-01-1850 258 07/01/1850
~ 1822 View HANEGAN U-MRS. age 28 Ireland CONNECTICUT LIVERPOOL ESMERALDA 004 07-01-1850 258 07/01/1850


1870 Census Westport

This shows sister Sarah who married George Hale and apparently a younger brother, John.

1880 Census Westport -- No listing

John and Sarah Hanegan/Hannegan / Hannaghan/

448-525     age sex color profession value of RE owned Value of personal estate Place of Birth Father of foreign birth Mother of Foreign birth DOB if this year DOM if married this year attended school w/i year cannot read cannot write Deaff Dumb Blind Insane or Idiotic MAle Cit 21 or over Male Cit over 21 denied right to vote    
Alvin Northrop 7/6?
Westport 56     shoemaker 2000 200                          
Sarah     50           CT                        
George     16     Farm Laborer     CT        
Louisa     10           CT        
Alvin Northrop 6/1/
Westport 67 m w shoemaker $1000 - NY
Sarah W     61 F W Keeping House     CT
Louisa     20 F W Dress Maker     CT
William F. Northro 1870 Fairfield (Southport) 33 M W Carpenter 3300 3000 CT                 1      
Abby Jane     31 F W Keeping House     CT                        
Whaley, Alice     6 F W At Home     CT                        
No George                                          
Hannigan Harrigan no hannigan westport the only 2 in Ffld County                                      
Patrick Hannigan 1870 2-wd bridgeport 1463-2170 28 M W Laborer check - Ireland 1 1                    
Catherine 1870 2-wd bridgeport 36 F W Day Laborer check - Ireland 1 1                    
Emma 1870 in 66-68 Joseph Jennings household 11 F W Domestic Servant check   CT 1      
George E Northrop 6/12/
Southport 35     House Carpenter     CT father ct mother ct                    
Martha E.?? 1880 Southport 33     Keep House     NY father ny mother NY                    
George I 1880 Southport 9           CT father CT mother NY                    

Martha born ~ 1847

from National Archives

John Hannigan Hannagan Civil War Service Blacksmith

5' 8" tall Light skin, Light eyes, Light hair.

Enlisted 1862 July or Sept. Discharged May 31, 1865

Wounded at Fredericksburg VA. Dec 13, 1862 in the wrist

Listed as Corporal Company A 14th Regular Connecticut Volunteers Oct 28, 1863

"Perhaps the most famous and hardest-hit regiment was the Connecticut 14th, which arrived at Antietam (September 17, 1862), the single bloodiest battle of the war, after only a few weeks of training." 

" The regiment suffered again only a few months later in Virginia at Fredericksburg (December 11-15, 1862)." 

Finally, at Gettysburg, the 14th gained some degree of redemption.  Protecting one of the most important points of the Union line, the men withstood Confederate Major General George Pickett’s famous charge on July 3, 1863, leaped over a stone wall, and captured six enemy battle flags.  Three men from the regiment (Elijah W. Bacon, Christopher Flynn, and William B. Hincks) received the Congressional Medal of Honor for valor."

more on the 14th


The name Hannegan in Ireland is derived from the native Gaelic O'hAnnagain Sept that was located in Counties Waterford and Tyrone(not really sure on this -- ej). It is in these Counties that the majority of descendants bearing this name can still today be found. Hannigan is a variant.

Family Heraldry Crest

The following are possible Hannigan family crests that have been assigned to my ancestor's in Ireland.  I will continue to add crests until such time as I can find the direct link to my ancestors.


In 2003 - the gravestone for Patrick Joseph Hannigan was found at St. Raymond's Cemetery, Bronx, NY.  It indicates he was from County Limerick, which limits the Family Heraldry Crest to an origin of Limerick or one of the neighboring counties.






O'Hannegan, O'Hanigan, Hanagan, Hanigan, Hannigan from the diminutive of anna(d)h, (delay)

Of County Limerick origin. Then annals indicate that its founders fought against the seizure of Limerick by the Danes and even contested their possession of Scattery Island in the 10th Century






The Irish name Hannon has derived from a number of distinct native Gaelic Septs including O'hAnnain and O'hAinchin of County Galway, and O'hAnnachain of County Limerick. Hanneen, Hanahan and Hannan are among those chosen as an alternative anglicized form of the native name.





The Irish name Hennigan is derived from the native Gaelic O'hEineachain and O'hEanachain Septs that were located in County Mayo in the West of the country. It is in the Western Counties that the majority of descendants can still today be found. These Sept names were also anglicized as Heneghan and Henihan.





The name Hannegan in Ireland is derived from the native Gaelic O'hAnnagain Sept that was located in Counties Waterford and Tyrone. It is in these Counties that the majority of descendants bearing this name can still today be found. Hannigan is a variant.




Yet another crest

from Hannigan genealogy



This home on Pequot Avenue, Southport, Connecticut is a recently restored example of the Northrop Brothers fine carpentry and building in the Southport-Greeens Farms area.

Image Courtesy of David Parker Associates